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Thursday, May 06, 2004

The One When Friends Comes to an End

It's such a bittersweet day of history that Friends will come to and end tonight. We all know that Ross and Rachel will get together and Monica and Chandler will have their baby. Pheobe will always be a freak and Joey's show in the fall will most likely flop. Does it get any better than the last ten years of Thursday night television? I'm not so sure.

Tonight I'm going to a Friends and Fondue party and I'm truly beginning to feel that "I'mgettingold" feeling all of us young twenties dread. You begin to realize that you were actually alive and can remember when Friends first started. It's has been interesting to "fall into" the story of Friends and the over the last decade watch the story unfold.

I think that many people (especially those who have "grown up" watching Friends) crave relationships much like those between Monica, Rachel, Pheobe, Joey, Chandler and Ross. It just always seems like so much fun, life always works out in the end. But I always wondered what it was about this show that makes it so good. Why do we anxiously await for Thursday evenings and now three times a day, Monday through Friday??

I was joking around with the ladies at work today that a chapter of my life is ending. But when I think about it - it's kinda true. Isn't that pathetic?? :)