This page is dedicated to the love of my life!

Four years ago , my first day at high school my freshman year. I walk in the door expecting to be scared out of my mind. But the day went well until fourth block. I was setting in my chair in chior and in walks a tall blonde that absolutly took my breathe away. I was petrified b/c I had never felt this way before about a girl and it really scared me. She sat down next to me and asked someone what my name was and they told her "cassey". I did the same, Her name was "Tiffany"! A couple min went by and then she finally spoke to me. And I was being a smartass, she looked at me and said "your a smartass little freshman." I thought that I had blew it then!! But obviously not b/c she was a major smartass!! A couple of days went by and we talked alot during class, when all of a sudden one day she asked me for my phone number. I was shocked b/c I dident know wether I should give it to her or not, but I did b/c I wanted her's too!! So we exchanged numbers but we never got a phone call. About a month went by and she finally called me and we talked for hours it was just really good to talk to someone who shared the same interest as i did. She told me how much she liked me but i never got up the nerve to tell her how I felt about her.

For the hole month or two I felt like I was lost in my own world and that something was seriously wrong with me. I was just begining to realize that I was gay. You go through life never thinking that hey this could be me, you never think that you could be gay until something like this happens.

A couple of months went by and we still talked every day at school and every night on the phone. Then one day after school she came up to me and said" Will you go out with me?". I just stood there for a min b/c I thought what if my parents find out, what will all of my friends say? I thought to myself "I really dont care b/c i really like this girl". And I said yes! My life with her was great but my life at home was bad. My parents found a letter from her and it wasent a very good letter to find if you know what i mean. They took me to all kinds of counselors and they tried to keep me away from her for ever. It never worked. They kept telling me that she had brainwashed me into thinking that I was gay. I'm sorry but you cant make someone think that they are gay. Me and my parents fought so much, But me and Tiffany had to fight to make it work we couldent see each other except for school and we couldent even talk on the phone. Throught the years we had to keep ourselfs together and remember that we loved each other very much. We had our own arguments but we always worked them out.I would get in trouble and get grounded and we would just have to lie to our parents and sneek around. We got to see each other though! We've been through alot these past 4 years and I look back and think" If it had been anyone else I would have said this isent worth it". But with her it was different she understood me and she was always there when i needed her and what can I say I love her. We are still hanging on very strongly. We talk every day and I still go to see her every day. She has her own appartment now and it's much easier to go and see her, especially now that I have my lisence. I would just like to dedicate this page to her because she is and always will be my one and only true Love. She has always been the biggest aerosmith fan I've ever known and I would like to dedicate all of my hard work to this special person. Just a reminder of how much I Love you Angel!

I Love you Tiffany!!!

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