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Aerosmith's contribution to hard rock music was made official on March 19, 2002, when they were inducted into the 'Rock and Roll Hall of Fame'. They're one of the twenty-first centuries hottest bands and their musical talents are nothing short of amazing. Aerosmith, who consists of Steven Tyler (lead singer/vocals), Joe Perry (lead guitarist), Brad Witford (guitarist), Tom Hamilton (bass), and Joey Kramer (drums), got their first big break when they signed a $125,000 record deal with Columbia Records in 1972. The contract offer was the result of a man named Clive Davis who just happened to catch one of their extraordinary performances. The band released its debut album, intitled Aerosmith, in February of 1973. Their debut album sold over two million copies in the U.S. and later went platinum not once, but twice. "Dream On" was Aerosmith's first single and did not do well at all in the beginning, however, it later went on to become their first Top 10 hit. Aerosmith's talents allowed them to expand their fame by opening for larger bands like ZZ Top and Kiss. They were asked in 1976, to be on the cover of the Rolling Stone Magazine. And in the years to come Aerosmith released one hit after another.

After much recognition and lots of fame, Aerosmith finally began to go downhill when the band got hooked on drugs and alcohol. Their poor judgment and continual substance abuse eventually led to the quitting of lead guitarist, Joe Perry and guitarist Brad Witford. Steven Tyler was then arrested for cocaine and narcotics paraphernalia during the "Just say no" era. After a long hard struggle with the drugs, Aerosmith finally hit rock bottom. And when the members finally realized that they couldn't go on with the path that they were on, Joe and Brad re-joined the band and after Steven paid off his debts to society, they signed with Geffen Records and began going to substance abuse programs to clean up their acts. This was the beginning of their amazing comeback. Today, Aerosmith is honored as MTV's "Icons" for their life long achievements in the music industry.

At the recent MTV Icon tribute to Aerosmith, there was a double stage setting where they showed past and present video clips of one another, their passions for music, as well as their trials and tribulations that all led to the Aerosmith mix that is today a living legend in itself. Performers such as; Pink, Shakira, Kid Rock, Papa Roach, and Train also performed different Aerosmith songs throughout the evening. For the evening final, Liv Tyler (Steven's daughter) and Jennifer Aniston introduced Aerosmith to the stage where they then performed some of their favorite songs in their own special way.

Aerosmith CD'S since 1973!!!

  • Get your Wings
  • Greatest Hits (1980)
  • Night in the ruts
  • Live Bootleg
  • Draw the Line
  • Rocks
  • Aerosmith
  • Toys in the Attic
  • Rock In A Hard Place (1982)
  • Done With Mirrors (1985)
  • Classics Live (1986)
  • Classics Live 2 (1986)
  • Permanent Vacation (1987)
  • Gems (1988)
  • Pump (1989)
  • Pandora's Box (1991)
  • Get A Grip (1993)
  • Big Ones (1994)
  • Nine Lives (1997)
  • A Little South Of Sanity (1998)
  • (1998)Armageddon Soundtrack
  • Charlie's Angels Soundtrack (2000)
  • Just Push Play (2001)
  • Young Lust (2001)
  • Spiderman Soundtrack (2002)
  • O Yeah! Ultimate Aerosmith Hits

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