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Kangaroo Jack Review

ok Kangroo Jack is about a boy who's father died and his mother married a mobster. Well he grows up and his father sends him and his best friend to Australia to give a guuy 50,000 dollars for THEY'RE OWN EXCUATION!! Anyway throuth the process they hit a kangroo while driving and they put a jacket on him that has the money in it. Well they finaly find the kangroo with the help of a lovely lady and the help that they're being chased the whole time pretty much gives them a kick in the butt to find the roo fast. Well this movie is prolly the best movie that I've seen recently but that my opion. If you love a movie with lots of action and that's also pretty funny then get this movie cause when your done watching it you'll be laughing your socks off REALLY!! I Give it 2 thumbs up!!

The Star of the film is of course Kangroo Jack but the Human star of this film is played by Jerry O'Connell.