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Sammi's Fanfics

Hello, my name is Sammi-chan, aka Samantha, Sam, Kadachi, Hermione, Freak, Weirdo, whatever you want to call me. This is a site for my fanfics. know what a fanfic is, right? Well, I'm too lazy to explain, so ask your friends or something.

A lot of my fanfics are also up on a site called, but some of the fanfics I write aren't allowed up there, so I decided to make my own website to put my fanfics on. That's all this site is going to be really, so if you don't like to read, I suggest you find somewhere else to go.

Well, I'll be updating this site often (I write a lot! n.n;), so keep checking back. No, I'm not accepting fanfics from other people. It would be too much work. This is just a site for me; but feel free to drop me an email anyway.

Okay, so I'll make a FEW exceptions to my "no fanfics from other people" rule, but don't ask ME. I'll ask YOU.

Thanks, bye!


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