As you probably already know, we have stolen and destroyed many signs around the town.

Here are stories and pictures of the demolition and mayhem. Enjoy.

Throughout the month of September, we have damaged and stolen various signs thought the town. Most of which are now in the lake.

Hampton’s Headache

The first time around, Nathan (whom i was dating at the time)and Julian (his friend) went around after school and stole NDP signs from the streets near the school. After their rampage, they went and showed Ashley. There were 7 sings in the trunk. Their plan was to throw them into the lake. Later that evening they did.
We didn’t have a camera. Luckily, the newspaper did! The picture of the damage was on the front page.
Funny story about this, Ashley’s mom is the person that people call to get a sign put in their yard. What does this have to do with anything? Well, her picture was also on the front page because she was running for council. So Funny! Nathan had to run through a big sign, so he did.

On the third weekend of September Jackie and Amanda (two of Ashley’s good friends) came down from Winnipeg to teach sailing. They stayed at Ashley’s house. On Friday they had Quite the Adventure. (full story on adventure page) They stole 5 more Hampton signs and ran through a big one.

Which was in a yard across the street from the police station.
On their way to Joy’s house they stole a stop sign from in front of a church.
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