Trip to Thunder Bay
Starring Ashley

In september I took a trip to thunderbay to visit Karen Duquette and Kristin Thompson. They are both very funny people, so as you can guess, i had a grand ol' time.
First I went to see Kristin, she hates getting her picture taken so I only got 2 and I dont know where one of them went. Lucky bitch.
I waited for her at the mall and had A&W for supper, alone. Finally Kristin came so we wandered around the mall. Then went to see a movie... I can't remeber what it was called... but it was really funny.

After the movie, we ventured off in search of something to do. We went to WalMart and i saw this big cardboard box display thing. It was for Lord of the Rings. I went inside and saw this little ugly thing, I forget its name. I was trying to convince Kris to let me take a picture of her with it, but no. So I took a picture of myself.

I stayed at Kristin's house over night and went to Karen's in the morning. Karen was all excited cause she got her hair highlighted. Her braces were quite a different look for her too.
We talked about how things are different and bla bla bla. She showed me her brother's GIANT hamster
It was huge
We got bored, so we went outside. I climbed the tree and ate and apple from higher up. The lower ones were all yucky.We went for a walk and came back and took a bunch of pictures.

Amanda and Jackie Adventures

Told by Ashley

All week I was telling Jackie to come to Kenora for the Sail weekend. They asked her but she didn't really want to. She said that she would if Amanda came. So she convinced Amanda. I begged her too. They were allowed to stay at my house for the weekend. I was really looking forward to them comming, tho there isn't much to do in Kenora.
Or so I thought...
Before they got to my house I was looking for Derek. I was running to Husky gas station cause thats where he called me from. As I was running toward the mall I almost tripped over this drunk sleeping half in the bushes and half on the side walk. When I got there he wasn't there, I waited. Then I left. And you guessed it, I ran back the same way and almost tripped on the same drunk. Derek eventually found his way to my house. Amanda and Jackie soon followed. Actually they couldnt find my house so I stood outside on the phone talking to them till they did. We went walking and we had to show them "Jesus in a tree", which just happens to be in the holy corner(three churches, each on a different corner, and the bed and breakfast by the one church is where the tree is)
Derek tagged a few stop signs and i pointed to the drunk i almost tripped over twice. Amanda and Jackie laughed so hard. Derek went up to the guy and asked him if he was alrite, he said he was and we were off.
I told them about Nathan and Julian steeling signs and throwing them in the lake. The signs made the front page, right below was an article about my mom and her picture. Whats so great about that? Well my mom was one of the people that you are sopose to call to get a sign in your yard. Well we decided to grab some signs and throw them in the creek.

As you can tell, it was quite fun. The pictures of them flaoting away didnt turn out.
We decided to walk to Joys house. On our way we went to Mc Donalds. I called Joy from there. They got food and drinks. Jackie spent apprximately $5.
On our way we came acroos a big Howard Hampton sign. I took a picture of jackie and Derek running through it, but that also didnt turn out:(. What was exciting about this was it was located right across the street of the police station and ruining election signs is a criminal offence.

(I salvaged this picture and made it as clear and big as possible)
Jackie also hurt herself when she hit the sign. We were about to continue our treck to Joy's, but Jackie was so surprised to find $5 on the ground. She wouldn't stop talking about it. "its like the town gave me my money back!" Jackie is the type to get distracked easily, if you can't already tell.
We walked along the hughway and Jackie had to climb the shield, it wasnt even big at all. But she had to and she made me take a picture, which didnt turn out.
Once Jackie climbs down she yells, "OH MY GOD ITS A DEER!!!" I looked over and sure enough it was a deer, not exciting. Jackies all "take a pictue of it!" I already wasted anough film on Jackie and her distractions so I told her to chase it. So she did, yelling. When she got to it, it jumped a few metres away from her and watched her. So funny! It just stayed out of her reach, it wasn't scared of her!
Derek left cause he had to be home. I told them to climb the McDonals billboard.

We left the sign and were again stopped by a sign. A stop sign in a church parking lot being held in by bricks. So we stole it. We're going to hell, he he he.

Our walk was continued. Soon we heard loud male voices comming our way. It was Al and Hawrysh. We stopped and talked to them for a bit. Hawrysh 's attire was quite amusing, as you can see.

We met up with Ali and Jamie next. Walking for a minute or two Amy drove by and picked us up.

Now finally at Joy's place, everyone loved our stop sign. Jamie helped me take it off the pole. They met up with Mary, i chose not to. We left early cause we had to get up in the morning.


Nathan picked us up and took Amanda, Jackie, Derek and I to Joy's place. Jamie and Hawrysh had a couple of stolen steaks cooking. A pacsack with the rest of the steaks in it was missing. Amanda and Jackie split a steak. Jamie cooks an awesome steak. When everyone was eating, Jamie found that his steak didnt have enough seasoning on it, when he went to put more on the lid fell off and seasoning was everywhere. SO SO FUNNY! We sat around and took a couple of shots for a while.
We were wandering around Joy's yard. It was like there were people all over, but everyone was just really spread out. Jackie ran up to me and said that Amanda was going to suck Als dick for his Gin. And that Amanda was going to fuck him for it. I laughed, not something Amanda would do... Amanda ran up to me saying that it was't true. They are funny.
Joy told Amanda that she could take them to see the llamas. Amanda was excited. Ali took them out back and into a barn. She opened the door and realized that they were in the emu pen. Jackie just had to pet them. Though it was really muddy, Jackie pulled off some George of the jungle moves and got aross. Amanda stayed in the barn, watching us. We chased them and pet them and it was so fun. Jamie started to tell it to bite the glowstick. It was getting mad. He continued to shove it in the birds face. It started to growl, they sound like dogs. It was a lot of fun in the muddy pen.

They went to go see the llamas. I didnt join them, I forget the reason. They climbed the pile of hay and all fell.
All of them piled into this car and I waited for Nathan. Jamie told me to stop waiting for him. We ended up playing with glowsticks. Me and jamie were at the bottom of the hill and Derek and Ali were at the top. We threw the sticks back and fourth. Jamie and I were trying to hide behind this little bush thing, but all the leaves were gone and it was really small. Ver pathetic hiding place. he he he...
Finally, Nathan came. I got them out of that car. Joy came out and started to beat on Jamie, Ali soon joined in.

Then we went home.
The next day we went sailing...

That was an exciting weekend!

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