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all about sam

My Favorite things about Angelfire.

My Favorite Web Sites

name: samantha aka jinx, swank, hey rammstein!, twiggy, tubby tunkerbean, hey sk8r do a heelflip, avril(grrrr), child ( only the way the guy says it on scary movie 2) lil stinky pants ( only steph can call me that) im 5'8 blond, blue eyes, german and proud, 110 lbs yes i am a twig. bands: rammstein, korn, mudvayne, slipknot, marilyn manson, tool, cradle of filth, scorpions, black sabbath, ozzy rulz!!, system of a down is ok, turn ons: skater boys, guitarists or drummers, military men, pierced lips and ears, tattoos, and guys with harleys mmmmm lol ( aaron is all the above) my boyfriend is aaron hes in the army, i love u aaron! come bak soon i miss u. hes everything i can ever want and need.