Island Map - Legend

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Island Introduction

Welcome to Idiot Island. Site has adult content and should not be viewed by minors. This site is made just for YOU !. Whether you want to send someone here or whether you are here. This Island is really made just for YOU!. So far, Idiot Island  has very few inhabitants and much of it is unexplored. Still, the population is growing. If you know someone who should be living on the Idiot Island. Please Email a picture and a reason for that person being here. If the reason is fair or even spiteful. I will add them as a part of the Islands Population. The same goes for the rescue of an Island citizen. If you decide to rescue an Island citizen then that person will no longer be a part of the population, although a permanent record will always exist of that person in the Island Archives. Thank you and enjoy your stay. Note: This Site was made strictly for entertainment purposes only  .