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Here's a list of gimmick matches. All matches have a no countout rule. If you have an idea we will be sure to add it!

Anytime Matches
These can occur at ANY H.W.F. event.

Battle Royal
This is your basic classic battle royal. Any number of wrestlers enter the ring and the last man left is awarded the match.

Cage Match
The ring itself is incased in a cage without a top. The first wrestler to climb out over the top of the cage and touches both feet on the floor wins.

First Blood
Just as the name sounds. The first to bleed from anywhere on their body, loses. These matches can get very brutal.

I Quit Match
In this match the only way to pick up the win is to make the other wrestler quit (submission). Whoever last longer will become the winner...

Pink Slip On A Pole Match
This match takes place in a the ring but the win occurs by getting the pink slip that is being hung in a corner. The winner keeps his job and the loser gets fired. This match can only be proposed by the staff and will only be used in dire circumstances.

Regular Match
All matches in this federation will have a no countout rule, unless specified and agreed to by both wrestlers prior to the beginning of the event. Weapons may be used in any match, as long as they are not brought into the ring. That will be cause for a DQ and appropriate administrative action.

Street Fight
The name pretty much tells all that is needed. The wrestlers fight each other out in the street and may work their way into the arena. Cars and other objects come into play as well.

Table Match
This is the basic table match that all federations use. The only way to win is to put your opponent through a table with an OFFENSIVE move. You cannot sidestep and opponent, sending them through a table, and expect to win.

Three-Way Dance
3-man elimination match. Regular match rules apply.

Triple Threat
3-men. 1 fall. Regular match rules apply.

Fatal 4-way
4-men. 1 fall. Regular match rules apply.

Pay-Per-View/Supercard Matches
These brutal matches can occur only at H.W.F. pay-per-views or special events. I will alert you when a special event is booked.

Ambulance Match
This match takes place in the ring like a normal match but the only way to win is by putting a wrestler into the Ambulance at ringside.

Barbed-Wire Ropes Match
Your basic match with one twist...Barbed-Wire Ropes and they come into play quite a bit.

Buried Alive Match
Just as the name emplies. There is a open grave with a mound of dirt next to it. The first wrestler to get their opponent in the grave and cover them with dirt wins.

Hell in a Cell
The rules are the same as a basic match, but the entire ring area is surrounded by a larger cage with a top to it.

Highway to Hell
This match is a version of a basic Hell in a Cell match but the cell is threaded with barbed wire, and set ablaze. Also there are tons of weapons to choose from in this one.

Inferno Match
In this match everything is your basic match but the only way to pick up the win is to light a wrestler on fire. By using the fire bordering the apron of the ring.

Japanese Death-Match
This is the most brutal match in the sports-entertainment industry today. There is a belt hanging above the stage.First one to get it, wins. The only catch is that there is broken glass surrounding the ring, barbed-wire ropes, and C4 Explosives strewn across the arena.

Lions Den Match
It's basically a caged pit, with high walls. The ref stands on a platfrom over it and wins occur by submissions.

Scaffolding Match
This match takes place on a giant scaffold built above the ring. You win this match by throwing your opponent to the ring below.

Stretcher Match
In this gimmick the wrestlers start out in the ring and there is a strecther at ringside. The only way to win is put a wrestler on the strecther and wheel him up the entrance ramp.

TLC - Tables and Ladders and Chairs
Table, Ladders, and Chairs, oh my! The only way to win this match is to grab the belt above the ring via a ladder. The tables and chairs are just for fun.

Triple-Tiered Cage
Many people will remember this one from the WCW and the movie Ready To Rumble. There is three cages stacked on top of each other and the wrestlers can battle with each other through all the cages.