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hello friend, and welcome. i made this site during Christmas break 2002 cause i was bored, and now my goal here is to show the world Christ by example. i have my school's info on the "school" page; my "inner circle" and my poetry; games, quizzes, etc. on "fun, stuff"; links to my friends' sites, and add ons, and services i use on this site on "partner sites"; my "board" and my "blog"; "pics" of friends, and family; info "about" the web mistress; and of course the ever faithful "guestbook". site directory buttons are located near the bottom of the page. thanks for visiting. for more info please visit my mission statement. God bless!!

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Ever wonder just what it is that I do at church? Now there are two ways to find out!!

a.(the prefered method) come to church with me and experience the joy first hand

b. tune in on your radio to 90.5 sunday morning at 10:45 (central time) or click here where we broadcast live!!

This is extremly exciting for our church, almost as much so as our new facilities on Beltway!!

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The future of this site is dedicated to the glory of God and the furtherense of His kingdom.

Mission Statement

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disclaimer: the only words i am responsible for are the ones directly on my site, not the links i have. i do agree with most of the thoughts and opinions presented on the links, but also try to keep a wide variety of opinions at all times. i strive to keep all sites i choose to link to appropriate, although i have no control over pop ups, or the advertisements on my own site for that matter. for any complaints please click below, and i'll see what i can do!

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