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The Clan of Hentai Gaki


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Hentai Gaki Clan Rules:

Welcome to the Clan of Hentai Gaki home page!!! Hentai Gaki is devoted to supporting those who have chosen alternate lifestyles. If you do not accept those who have chosen alternate lifestyles, then please leave this site immediately. Thank you.

If members do not uphold the rules then they shall be subject to a punishment of the Master's or A-Master's choosing...ehehehe...

The Master of Hentai Gaki is Francin Oda-Kyuu. Francin enjoys reading and writing fan fics, and drawing in her sketchbook. She is also a clarinetist in her school's Advanced Band and speaks Mandarin fluently.

The Assistant Master of Hentai Gaki is Iaika Sotoma. Iaika enjoys reading fan fics, working on her stories, and playing Animal Crossing. She is also in her school's Advanced Band.

Thank you for visisting our web site!!!^_^

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