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We all hate Paula Rice

Welcome to the Paula hate page.

10 things We Hate About Paula

1. She Pissed on Becci's sofa

2. She lies about every event in her life. She told Becci that she'd had a brain damaged baby and it went possessed and she had to drown it in the toilet because it was killing her

3. She masturbates with carrots

4.She became a *christian* and 4 months later declared her hatred for God.

5. She cut herself for attention.

6. SOMEONE sucked her tits and they were pusy.

7. She sets fire to stuff in the street
8. She buys 20 cigarettes a day and doesn't even smoke them properly

9. She tells her mum all her secrets about us
10. She tells everyone that Tom Butterfield raped her up a tree but in reality Tom wouldn't piss on her if she was on fire.

There are plenty more reasons why everyone hates Paula but can't be arsed to write them all.
Coming soon. Paula the lard thief. And more pictures.