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This is the Gir News Ticker          Recent Poll Results:  Most People Ignore Polls          Gir's Word: Perplexity; Definition: mooose!          Gir's News Ticker, what Gir wants to hear, probably is what you want to hear          This Weeks Top Story: Tree stuck in cat, firefighters bewildered. When ask for Girs though on the story  his reply was " I'm goona sing the doom song now! Doom Doom Doom Doom Doom Doom Doom Doom Doom Doom Doom Doom"          Scientists Everywhere Agree: "The chicken came first, but only after the egg"          News Flash: Scientists have just recently discovered mars to be out of place, when asked about the situation NASA officials replied "ummm... Its not there"         Gir's News Ticker Pledge: "We keep scentences very short so you don't have to read a whole lot"          Nature Tip of the week: When Planting A Tree Make Sure You Are Aware Of All Of The Water Lines, It Will Make Watering The Plant Not A Necessity Anymore          Study Shows Most People Mispronounce "Zdflrsa"          Advice from Gir: "Return seats in upright position"





This is Gir's Domain a place that me, Adam, and my friend Linda have built for Gir to stay at while he is off stage, and yes he is as cool off stage as on stage.

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For Gir's news, stay tuned to the news reel above.

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