Focus parts sale

Diablo Sport chip code: (LFQ0)tras-manual $150

SHM MAFterburner is a system which allows the owner to tune his/her air-fuel ratio in 400 RPM increments from idle to redline. This allows the owner to optimize the air fuel ratio for best power throughout the operating range of the engine using a laptop computer. There are two separate tables to allow the tuning in both open loop (wide open throttle) and closed loop (part throttle cruise) situations. The software is user friendly and allows the operator to make quick adjustments in real time, while driving or on a chassis dyno. The MAFterburner allows the user to fine tune his/her car and accommodate larger injectors, aftermarket mass air meters, and many other part modifications. $300

Focus Central crank pulley $85

Ford Racing Spark Plug wire Color blue $25

Pro & Flow 70mm calibration injector 30Lb $210

Stock Springs-offer

OBX Short shifter $65

Ford Focus 00-03 Zetec OEM Air Intake Box and flow meter - offer

AEM cold air intake and flow meter $175

Stock Camshaft cams set offer

Stock Springs and Retainers Set - offer

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