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It's the Ellen Show! *dances crazily*

Wednesday, 10 September 2003

I feel so stupid - probably cos I haven't written in a few days! I went to the Drama Club today at lunch. It's so cool! I can't wait, cos once you have 10 points, you get inducted into the International Thespian Society! You get a spifferific pin, and then for every 10 you get after that you get a bar, star, or chain or something...Anywho, I can't wait! One way to get 8 points in one go is to have the lead role in a play. Wouldn't it be awesome if I actually made it into "Murder By Membership Only"? It's a British murder-mystery with an all-female cast of only nine people, and they might get to do an accent since their supposed to be in England! I don't know, though. Nine out of the whole school? Geez...but if I don't get that, I can always audition for "Calamity Jane", which'll be the Spring Musical. Hopefully I'll get a part which requires less singing and more dancing. I wouldn't feel stupid DANCING, but SINGING? No. On second thought...NO AGAIN! Designing costumes would also be fun too. (Unless we don't get to design and have to sew...ugh!) Speaking of sewing, I may not get to be an 18th century noblewoman for Halloween. I got the idea from the Halloween Buffy episode, and her dress was so awesome that it "inspired" me - "copying" is such a primitive term - to design my own costume. Problem is, it's not gonna be easy for me (ahem, my mother) to make, and it would be very expensive to buy material. Maybe I'll just be a hobo! Muahahahahahahaha!

Posted by freak2/ellenthestrange at 10:19 PM MEST
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Tuesday, 9 September 2003

Tabitha's Birthday!
Was yesterday! Erg! I thought it was today, so I didn't call or send an ecard! Sorry Tabby! :(

Posted by freak2/ellenthestrange at 3:58 PM MEST
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Sunday, 7 September 2003

That's what Nesbit, who's sitting on my shoulder, keeps saying. (That's his favorite word, can you tell?) My dad's making tamales for dinner tonight, which takes a while, which is why he's starting now. God, I'm bored! (And I still feel icky...grr! Stupid icky-ness! Go away!) I'll write more later, if anything actually happens around here.

Posted by freak2/ellenthestrange at 2:50 PM MEST
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I didn't wake up til 2 this afternoon. I didn't feel good at all today. (Sore throat, headache, stomach cramps...I felt like puking.) Lauren called and wanted me to see "From Justin to Kelly" with her, but we were going to some kind of picnic or something that the airport people were sponsoring. I felt really horrible by then, so I stayed home. I watched Futurama and Malcolm in the Middle (the Simpsons were reruns) and when my parents got home we watched The Bourne Identity. We bought that and 8 Mile last week cos they were half price. Man, the side of my tongue is so irritated from these braces! The inside of my lip is better, but I put some wax on the bracket, so I think that's what helped. If I'm feeling better tomorrow, I'm hoping to see "Alex & Emma". And then...then it'll be Monday and I'll have to go back to school. It's OK, it's just that I have homework already and I wish we had lunch about an hour earlier and had an extra 15 minutes to eat, as 45 is barely enough time to find my friends, sit down, attempt to eat with my Mouth O' Metal, and then get back to class.

Posted by freak2/ellenthestrange at 12:21 AM MEST
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Friday, 5 September 2003

Freshman Friday!
Today was Freshman Friday, the first Friday of the school year when the upperclassmen beat up the Freshmen. Anyone "found to be participating" in it will get an automatic, immediate 5-day suspension! Muahahaha - suckers. But the guys who ride my bus got Caleb and Chris H. after school in the Shoppette bathroom. I don't know what they did to Caleb, but they tried to put Chris's head in the toilet! (I would've laughed if they really had. I'm so mean!) The bowling alley had a Hail & Farewell tonight where all the video games and bowling were free! The food was also free, but it was only juice, rice, and some kinda oriental chicken. We stayed for like, 4 hours! I won a $50 gift certificate for the Commissary. Needless to say, I have no use for it, but my dad's giving me $50 to spend when it comes in about a week so he can use the certificate. I suck at bowling, but Mrs. Pac-Man is fun! I know, I know - "It's old!" (Hey, shut up, Wonka!) Adam, Emily, Chris K., Chris F., Dan, Andrew, Katie, Conner, Jordan, and Xavier were there. (The last 4 are kids I babysit - they're so adorable!) I also got a green baseball cap that says "Heinekin" on it! :P Of course, I can't wear it to school...or can I? *shifty eyes* Hehehe...AND YOU GUYS (well, girls...YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!) HAD BETTER COME TO MY SLEEPOVER!

Posted by freak2/ellenthestrange at 9:03 PM MEST
Updated: Friday, 5 September 2003 9:06 PM MEST
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Thursday, 4 September 2003

Braces & Stuff
Today was the 3rd day of school...not too important, really. I got braces on my top teeth today. They hurt, (the front ones especially!) but I had them before so I sorta know what to expect. I picked red, cos that's my favorite color and it's spiffy! Buffy's on and her mom just died, so I'd kinda like to watch it now. There're a few people at school I'd like to talk to tomorrow - they seem like cool people to know. More later.

Posted by freak2/ellenthestrange at 7:01 PM MEST
Updated: Thursday, 4 September 2003 9:08 PM MEST
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