To Jessica and Tilly, You guys have to be two of the coolest people i know. those girls are horrible to you but you still hold your heads up high. you rock!!! you're both smart, beautiful, and worthy of respect. never forget that. no matter what they do, never sink down to their level. keep your dignity. you two will be huge successes someday and i will be able to brag that i knew you way back when. thank you so much for standing up for yourselves. jess, you've probably known these girls as long as i have (way too long) and you know they haven't changed and probably never will. they think of themselves as the goddesses of the school, worshipped by their adoring fans. but someday the worshippers will realize who they really are and they'll be left alone until they realize there are other people in the world. but you two. you love others for who they are. and it makes me so happy to know that no matter what, i'll have you for the rest of my life. Love, Amanda