Fan fiction and Original Fiction

This section is filled with information about stories I have posted on and under the pen name Versipellis. (Any Latin speakers out there know what that means? ;) ) I hope youíll check some of them out and of course since youíre such a nice person, (right?) youíll review them and let me know what you think. Maybe later Iíll add links to the fics but right now Iím just getting the hang of HTML so it might be a while. But for now you can go to either of these sites, go to the Find link at the top of the page and type in Versipellis.



Title is kind of misleading, I guess, because in this fic I parody everything from Harry Potter to Freddy Krueger to GoGurt commercials. Mostly it is random things that I think of while watching TV or reading and nobody in my family wants to listen to me say ĎOh man, wouldnít it be funny ifÖí ever again so I exorcise my parody demons that way. Hereís a sample from chapter 5:

Itís A Wonderful Life

(Near the end when George Bailey gets his life back)

George: Merry Christmas you old lamppost!

(He slaps the lamppost, which falls on top of him)

See, stuff like that. If youíre into it, check those out. I havenít updated in a little while but there will be more soon.

Tears Of Love

Based on The Picture Of Dorian Gray by Oscar Wilde. In the book, Sybil Vance commits suicide when Dorian spurns her and breaks off their engagement. This is just a short (about 1 paragraph) story about her thoughts on the last night of her life. Here's a sample:

Please forgive me for my stupidity. I weep, remembering your cruel, hateful eyes as you gazed down on me with loathing. I am nothing, I am scum. I am not worthy of a gentleman such as you, oh Prince Charming, but I cannot live without you.


Based on the Harry Potter series by J.K. Rowling and takes place during the Order Of the Phoenix. When Mr. Weasley was in the hospital he shared a room with a young man who had been bitten by a werewolf. This is another shorty, written from the young werewolf's point of view. Sample:

There is no cure. Four little words that ruined my life. There is no cure. No cure for the werewolf's bite...The doctors all tried to be kind to me about it. They told me I could still live like I used to. But I know they're wrong. I'll never be the same.

To Fight On

Warning: Story contains major spoilers

Another Harry Potter fic. Takes place in the summer after Order Of The Phoenix. After the events in the Department of Mysteries, Harry feels defeated and ready to give up. After voicing these thoughts aloud he falls asleep and dreams of a certain someone who gives him insperation. Yes, I suppose it may be a little cliched but I thought of it and it wouldn't leave me alone until I had typed it up. Another short fic. Here's a sample:

"Please kill me," Harry prayed, "I can't do it anymore. Please just take me now. I'm begging you. I want to see him again."

Going Home

Warning: Story contains major spoilers

Yet another quickie (my friend agrees with me that I am the queen of short chapters and my one chapter stories are no exception). This one is based on Stephan King's The Stand, one of the greatest books ever written. About a certain character's trip into the afterlife. Another that refused to go away. Sample:

He opened his eyes. He was still surrounded by light but it was soft now, not so blinding.

Where am I? He thought. Is this heaven?

"It's about time..."

He stood up. Mother Abigail was walking toward him. "It's good to see you." She said.


Another fic based on Harry Potter. Does not take place during any of the books. A werewolf brutally slaughters a family and the wizarding world decides that the only way they will be safe is to kill every last werewolf. Sirius Black hides Remus Lupin in his house but eventually the mobs catch him and Sirius learns a hard lesson that many times those who are innocent are punished along with the guilty. Major angst, non-slash. Violence. Sample:

For the past two days the wizarding community had been pulling werewolves from their homes and lynching them on the streets. It didn't matter who. Even though only one werewolf had been responsible for the attack and he had already been hung, Fudge proclaimed that the world wasn't safe until every last werewolf was dead. Terrified, Remus had been hiding with Sirius at Sirius's house.


Based on Buffy the Vampire Slayer. About a week after the last episode Willow and Giles stay up late worrying about their friends' health after the deaths of their lovers. But they don't need to worry. Sample:

"I miss them." Willow said, "I know I would have always missed Anya but it never even occurred to me that she might die. But Spike. This time last year I would have been glad to see him die." A tear rolled down her cheek.

So, yeah, it's kind of angsty but a happy ending. And I got an amusing review from one reader who was furious about one character's description of Giles as "an old man"

The Strange Phenomena

A marching band fic. Every so often during the year the school is hit by a strange attack in the form of a horrible noise from the band room. What is it and what lengths will the principal go to to get rid of it. A spoof filled with random humor, it has 7 very short chapters. Sample from Chapter 2:

The school couldn't take it any longer. Something had to be done. The principal, the assistant principal, the staff, and the student council met in the principal's office to discuss the terrible events. "What do you propose we do?" asked the student council president. "I say we kill them all with a stick!" the secretary cried.

My Fellow Americans

West Wing fic. It's the worst case scenario: The Capitol Building blows up during the State of the Union. Bill Fryer, the Secretary of Education, stayed behind. He and the survivors of the Bartlet Administration must get the country back up and running. This is the story I'm most proud of and have gotten tons of supportive feedback for it.

55 Words

Another West Wing. Challenge response. "Write a story with exactly 55 words and it must have Characters, Conflict, and Conclusion."

Another Name In a Textbook

In an alternate future, Donnatella Moss bares her soul, telling her grandchild's classmates about the night that changed her forever.

Big Block of Cheese Day

I was really on a West Wing kick for a while. Sam thinks Toby is an alien. Bizarre humor like The Strange Phenomena.

Red Haired Angels

Harry Potter. After the full moon, Molly Weasley cares for Lupin. He thinks back twenty years to another red haired angel who was there for him.

The Fryer Administration West Wing. Sequel to My Fellow Americans. President Fryer and his staff get the country back on its feet 6 months after the attack.

The Morning After Contains spoilers for Order of the Phoenix After the battle at the Department of Mysteries, the survivors return to headquarters to wait. And think.

Divinus Mixture

My take on the time-travel cliche. After an accident in Potions class, sixteen year old Lupin is sent into 1996. There, he finds out his fate and those of his friends. He wants to go back and fix it, but is it worth the risk?

Newhope Grove

WIP. Another take on a cliche. He returned to headquarters with no memory. How can he resume his place in the wizarding world and slowly piece together the tragedy that caused his breakdown? I update it semi-regularly and there appears to be about 20 chapters.

Original Fiction and Poetry

Is Forever Over

A poem written from personal experience. It's written from the point of view of a person who thinks that they are in love with another person for years, is rejected by that person, but manages to put their life back together.

Suddenly I don't exist anymore

No more than a ghost of a memory

A forgotten past

realized all the years were in vain

The Silent Battle

Another poem. This one is written about the National Day of Silence, a student run protest for equal rights for people of all sexual orientations. Participants do not speak for an entire school day. I participated for the first time this year and it inspired me to write this poem. Sample:

No longer a student

But a soldier

Fighting a battle against the forces of hatred

A Line In the Sand

A short piece about a soldier at the Alamo. Private Edward Snow is nineteen years old, worships Davy Crockett, and about to participate in the battle for the doomed fort. I wrote this while studying the Alamo in history last year. Sample:

As I clutched my musket, I wondered how I'd ended up under Colonel Travis at the Alamo. Just six months ago I had been living on my family farm near San Felipe de Austin. My father had been one of Stephen Austin's original settlers and was a loyal Mexican citizen. So was my mother. When I told them I was joining the fight against Mexico, my mother had cried and begged me not to. When I refused, my father had disowned me. Now he would always deny he had a son named Edward.

Sanity's Wasteland

This fic was written by my cousin who writes under the alias Gabrielle DePoe. It is a story about a group of people who have to help a group of witches find rest after death. A pretty exciting story that I was happy to post with mine. Sample:

When the millionaire that was killed bought the house he kept a very dirty secret about the house. A dirty little secret that he thought if he swept under the rug it would never be found. It was said that during the 1700's during the Salem Witch Trials, refugee witches would stay at this house to shelter other witches from all the chaos that was happening in nearby Massachusetts. While here, the witches found that it was safe to exercise their powers here. Some good, but some that is as evil as death itself. So they dubbed it Sanity's Wasteland because it was on the verge of the sane and insane.


A poem about death, written in the point of view of the dying person. Kind of genaric. My first attempt at poetry. Short so if I were to put a sample here it would have to be the whole thing.

The Harrowing Journey

A traveller, weak and weary from his travels. What kind of torturous journey is he taking? A parody with a twist ending. Sample:

How long had it been? I could no longer keep track of the time. The sun wasn't visible, it could have been weeks. My throat was parched. I needed water. But there was no way of finding any as my companions and I were led like cattle to our destination.


My first posted fic. Sandy Williams knows that she has made a mistake by publicly dissing the band Spontaneous Human Combustion in her magazine article. Many of the band's fans understandably get angry with her. But one takes it a step farther in a twisted game of cat and mouse. Sample:

Sandy Williams- Take back what you said about Spontaneous Human Combustion. Take it back and write an article about how good they are. If you don't, I will come after you. - Blaze

Inflated Ego Pedestals

A poem a wrote last year when a few of my friends were having trouble with the "cool" kids in our school. About how high school won't last forever and they will have to get down from their pedestals eventually. Pretty short, so no sample.

My Friend Lisa

Darrel has been in love with his best friend Lisa since he met her. But she's going out with Spencer and suddenly she's changed and there are strange bruises on her body. But she won't admit that Spencer is abusing her. So Darrel can only stand by and watch helplessly. One chapter, but pretty long. Sample:

Then, about three weeks later, I spotted Lisa in the hallway after school. I ran, dodging other people, and caught up to her.

"Hey, Lisa," I said, putting my hand on her shoulder. Lisa whirled around and when she saw it was me, tried to walk away. "Lis, what's wrong?" I asked.

Her eyes darted around the hall and then she said, "I can't talk to you Darrel. I'm really sorry but Spencer doesn't want me to talk to other guys."

I was about to protest but then I caught sight of her neck.

Other Writing

As of now, only a guest chapter in Burning Truth's Stranger to Friend in Two Point One Seconds. A Buffy the Vampire Slayer fic.