Fanfiction Quotes

While reading fan fiction the other day I realized that there were many really great quotes there and I decided that, being the quote collector that I am (177 in my notebook already) that I would make a list of these funny quotes. So I emailed the authors and in their coolness, they allowed me to borrow them. I know that as of now (October 15) there are only a couple quotes but I promise that as soon as I am able to contact others and get a response, there will be more. So here are the coolest (in my humble opinion) quotes from along with the author's name, the catagory of the story, and the story title in case you are interested in reading more.

The West Wing

“We’ve got the thing now?” Sam said, hoping Josh had remembered.

“Oh, right, yeah,” Josh said.

He looked at Donna suspiciously again. C.J was still laughing, Sam frowned at her.

“What thing?” Donna asked.

“Well, we were planning to overthrow the government,” said Sam.

“But then we remembered that we were the government,” Josh added.

-One Plus One Equals Three by Rose Williams

“Well there’s the usual Sam-weird as in having two pots for paperclips; used and new, and then there’s Sam-weird as in blank stares, not talking and seemingly being incapable of making decisions.”

“And you’re telling me the paperclip thing doesn’t worry you?”

- Walking Wounded by coupdepam

"'Cause I gotta tell you, as far as bad ideas go, this one pretty much beats them all."

"From the guy who set the White House on fire."

"That was as much you as it was me, and… you're changing the subject."

-The Shoulders of Giants by starbucksgal

Pirates Of The Carribbean

JACK: You’re not a eunuch, are you?



-Pirates of the Caribbean: Curse of the Parody by Aindel S. Druida

Buffy the Vampire Slayer

“Oh! My! God! Were gonna be stuck here for the rest of our lives! We’ll grow old and crinkly on top of each other! and when they go to burry us our graves will read: Couldn’t do anything because of a game of twister!”

- From Stranger to Friend in 2 Point 1 Seconds by Burning Truth