5/14/2003 4:13 PM Entry 1 Well, this is my random chat. Lack of people to chat with right now but I can wait. It is only the first entry. So, what’s up? Anything anyone wants to talk about. Let’s see… I saw the movie Ghost the other day. It was pretty good. Normally since seeing St. Elmo’s Fire I can’t stand Demi Moore but she was actually pretty good in this one. I loved Patrick Swayze. Whoopie Goldberg was great. I loved the part when she refused to help Sam so he sang I am Henry the 8th I am all night. I was taking my state’s standardized test yesterday and that song was stuck in my head while I was working. ARRRGHH!!!!!!! West Wing is on tonight. Season finale. I gotta find out what happened to Zoe. Was Jean Paul in on the kidnapping? I couldn’t figure that out. If anybody knows, could you leave me a message and let me know? Thanx. Well, g2g. see you all later.