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J About Me J

This will be by far the greatest page on my website; the page about moi! Lovely, amazing me!


My nickname is edge, I’m 16 and (partly) female.

This is the fifth website I have made. The first was something we don’t even talk about it was so sad. The second was helping out with the Pondlife site. Elfy has now stolen Pondlife, but rest in piece Pondlife fans, because Elfy will be struck down with orange flavoured laser beams at the correct time. The third site was Big G Online. The best yet. Unfortunately, I forgot the password, plus it was taking up too much of my time to keep up. Ah well. The fourth site was the orriginal version of this site, hosted on Geocities. It started off ok, but geocities began refusing to save, and messing up my HTML and JAVA. Stupid geocities. So this is site 5, the new and improved edge’s site.

At school I “hang out” around the music block with my friends, please go to Rachie’s site for more music block information and pictures.

Anyway back to me (“pay attention to ME!”). I like annoying people, scaring people and generally irritating the hell out of people I call my friends. I also like making people laugh, although I’m not quite sure whether they are laughing at me or with me. Probably at me. I like most people, with the few exceptions who shall now be named:

Well, that’s all I can think of for now, maybe I’ll add more later. Oh, one more thing: I’m never ever sarcastic. No really. Why are you laughing? Ok, so maybe just a little.

Here are some more pics of me: (my party, school, home)