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MUGEN Haves List

The cause of my temporary inability to upload has been discovered. It was my antivirus taking too long to scan outgoing files and causing a time-out. Thanks to the many, many people who volunteered to host the CD, however, the person I sent it to still does not seem to have received it, so I can only assume it got lost in the mail.

I have uploaded some of M@ppy's old creations to a small GeoCities site I affectionately called The Land of the Lost. It was going to be a nice homage to creators long gone, but there seems to only be enough space for M@ppy's stuff. You should be able to get the characters. If there's bandwidth trouble, just wait an hour or so and try again.

Name Author Origin Comments
Akari Ichijo M@ppy
The Land of the Lost
The Last Blade If you knew how much s**t I went through trying to get my hands on this character, you'd think I was insane or obsessed. So what? She's one of three characters I actually played with at the cabinet (the other two being Yuki and Shikyoh).
Akari Ichijo Roque
The Last Blade The second of two versions that I know of. She appears to go into some very...interesting states by accident, which can cause problems until she gets hit out of them.
Amano Hyo Luchini
Luchini Mugen
The Last Blade The dude knows how to chill. No, he doesn't have ice powers. He walks around like he knows he's going to win (even if he isn't). An okay adaptation of a The Last Blade character.
Anakaris ?
Darkstalkers Finally, a use for that World Heroes Egypt stage! Intro sprites are missing, and he's not exactly the Napoleon of the ancient world, but a nice warm-up if you want to put him just before Felicia or something.
Android 18 SSJ Trunks
Dragonball Z The power-up animation could stand to be improved. Oh, if you're going to use Supers, you'd better learn and use the power-up move. Unless, of course, you're in Vs. mode facing an unattended Cyber Akuma. Oh, well, at least her beam super doesn't have the same delay as a Kamehameha. This puts her at a huge advantage over Pan-chan. So far, she is the tallest of the 18s, and she whips all her sisters' butts, too.
Android 18 GohanSSM2
Planet Goten
Dragonball Z An interesting Android 18 with different moves than SSJ Trunks' version, but can't take her down in a fight.
Androide 18 Vision
Dragonball Z Better-looking and scrappier than Gohan's, but looks don't win fights, as this version proves when she goes against SSJ Trunks' version.
Android 18 Burori
Dragonball Z The shortest of the 18s, she's got a little head in the corner, and her power-up looks more like CVS style than the others who usually surround themselves with energy, but she still gets creamed by SSJ Trunks' 18.
Angel Hh
KoF When you first see her on the screen, you wonder...what the hell is she wearing? That's okay, though. I just wish I could read the readme file so I could see what that is when she flashes.
Annie Murakami Nyankoro
UNP Mugen
Rage of the Dragons Annie's one of those fun characters you love to watch kick other characters' butts. She's got an interesting projectile (kind of an electric shuriken, I guess) and some very in-your-face moves.
Another Goku HyperionX & Iron Mask or
Dragonball Z Poor guy gets no mercy from the Shotos. Maybe if he had Wolverine's healing factor he'd stand a better chance, because when he's flying up above the top of the screen (a place that would usually leave him open to a Shin Shoryuken if he was facing a human), the computer characters punch and kick at the place he's hovering over. Well, that's not really unique to Goku, all the Z characters have this "issue."
Apocalypse N64Mario
Marvel If you get annoyed with somebody, select this guy and turn them into chunky salsa on the end of your drill bit. Sure, you could do the eyebeam thing, the homing missile (doesn't hit mini characters though), the mace-hand thing or the slap-jack shockwave move, but out of all these, the drill attack is the most fun. If you play against human opponents, you know they're going to get tired of his "Look at me and my bad self" grin, but who cares? I have 2 gripes with this character: #1, he always faces the same direction he started in, no matter what. #2, you can beat him up by attacking his hand, as well as his face. The face I can understand, but the hand? Oh, well, I suppose that makes it fair for the non-Super Jumping characters.
Aquaman Erradicator
Press Start
DC Comics I might not keep him for very long. It's not like I'm hard up for punching bags or anything...
Ash Crimson Nyan Kiryu
? A girl who switches between different versions of herself, this white-haired, freckle-faced girl should probably spend more time fighting and less time switching.
Aska Big Eli King
TMNT: Tournament Fighters Thankfully, BEK used the Japanese version sprites. The American version was censored because Nintendo of America doesn't like thongs and bouncing boobs. Okay, you know you want to go into Training mode and do the Hip Attack over and over again, but once you get all that out of your system, you'll realize she's a pretty strong fighter. Not strong like Evil Ryu, but still pretty strong.
Athena '98 Zamtong
Mugen Guild
KoF I think her intro animation's a little long, but then, Nightmare Dagger's is longer. Her telekinetic slam takes me back to my Mortal Kombat days with Ermac.
SVC Athena Warusaki3
SNK vs. Capcom Certainly an interesting and more mythologically-inspired than Athena '98 (and beat the other version in Watch Mode playtests). Oh, uh, for those of you who are looking to fill your screens with scantily-clad females...she fits that category too.
Awakened Kaede bagaliao
The Last Blade When I played The Last Blade, sometimes when I was fighting Kaede he'd turn blonde and kick my butt. This is the blonde form of Kaede, but he doesn't seem to do as much butt-kicking as I remember.

We've got Gokus that can access 4 different stages of Super Saiyan, we've got an Onslaught that can change into his second form, why don't we have a Kaede that can "awaken" his own damn self?

Ayako Yuuki Luchini
Luchini Mugen
Variable Geo The way she moves and acts, I would have thought she was from Dance Dance Revolution myself. I put her in the Rave stage.
Baby Bonnie Hood Baby Bonnie Hood
Darkstalkers B.B. Hood (or Bulleta for those of you who say Gouki instead of Akuma) goes from cute to KABLAMMO in nothing flat. Definitely someone to consider as boss material in an all-girl game.
Bane Ex-Infernis
DC Comics Your entire Mugen game will be a wasteland of broken backs, like *SO!* Okay, maybe not, but I'm going to go ahead and give respect to a guy who can take down Isabeau (who I used to watch take down Evil Ryu and Gouki simultaneously, because, well, it was FUN!).
Baraka Team MK Proyect
MK-Mugen 2.0
Mortal Kombat He's got moves that the other Baraka doesn't have, but isn't as "smart" as Kazmer's Baraka.
Baraka The Impaler
Mugen Guild
Mortal Kombat II Let me just say that when The Impaler adapted Baraka for Mugen, he didn't just stop with the same old Baraka we knew from MKII. This is the "Six Million Dollar Baraka," better, faster, stronger. Try him out.
Bass ?
Megaman Bass is 1/3 of Team Megaman. When playing as him, make sure you a) stay away from your opponent and shoot rapidly, and b) are not fighting someone who cannot be killed by projectiles alone (such as Nightmare Dagger).
Batman Firemaker
DC Comics Hey, a dive kick and an abusable Batarang. Okay, the AI doesn't abuse the Batarang too much, but it beats CVS M. Bison, and the unhappy Saiyan prince Vegeta.
Biko Daitokuji (B-ko) Majere
Red Giant Homepage
Project: A-ko Hopeless anime fanboy that I am I couldn't help but be happy when I found out somebody had made characters from Project A-ko. You can kind of tell Biko's sprites were based on Cammy, but that's okay. She has a special opening sequence for when she's fighting against Eiko Magami, and vice versa.
Blackheart [Hayte]
Marvel Superheroes vs. Street Fighter I've had his stage for a long-ass time, but only recently did I acquire Blackheart himself. And, you know what? He rox!
Black Magician Girl Kaiba
Yu-Gi-Oh! The AI could use some work, but all in all, not a bad character to play with. I still haven't figured out how to make her trap-card move work.
Blanka pji111
Conversion World
Street Fighter II A pretty faithful conversion of the classic Blanka.
Blaze Agent Ethan Lives
BMT: Brazil Mugen Team
Special Ops One of a group of characters created for a Mugen game called "Special Ops," who, I was told, were as good as Reu's Evil Ryu. So, naturally, I wanted to test this assertion. Blaze Agent didn't live up to my expectations, unfortunately. Sure, he's got some smashing moves that can be devastating against normal characters, but Evil Ryu had something to say to this dude, and it wasn't nice. I tested him against the next character down, Ryu Plus. Nope, not that good either. So, I tested him against Gouken, and finally got to see Blaze Agent's win pose. Overall, he's one of those upper-tier fighters, but not quite what the hype had led me to believe.
Blob Shadowtak
Shadowtak Mugen
Clayfighter If you want to spit clay at your opponent or change into a buzzsaw to cut them, Blob's your, clay-lump...thing.
Blue Mary ActJapan
Mugen Sharp
KOF Okay, I was considering simply removing Blue Mary (the version I had at the time)--after all, I had better characters with similarly impressive mammary developments (b00bies)--but I ran across this version and decided to try her out. She rather handily dispatched her predecessor, and now occupies her spot.
Blue Suede Goo Shadowtak
Shadowtak Mugen
Clayfighter How often do you come across a tubby Elvis impersonator in Mugen?
Bomberman (sorry, can't read his readme) Bomberman A 3-button character, and all 3 buttons are "place a bomb." You can also throw it (by pressing an attack button in the air) or kick it across the screen (using a Hadouken motion). If you end up fighting this guy's AI, consider yourself on easy street, because most of the time he'll get caught in his own blasts, and he doesn't do the bomb-kick.
Bob Wilson Illusionista
Mugen Brazil
Special Ops Bob is here to show Dee-Jay how dance-fighting's SUPPOSED to be done. Okay, there are some flaws in his style I typically take advantage of when I face him, but he's not like some of the more suck-tacular characters I have.
Bonne Jenet John
Garou: Mark of the Wolves Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum^_^
Cable (Revised) K-Man & Ryou Win
Marvel The sprites look like they were taken from the comics. Unfortunately, many of the issues appear to have been left in a barn for a year or two without a poly-bag. (speaking from experience having found a few comics that have been left in a barn for a few years without a poly-bag)
Cammy Custom Cannon Musume
Cannon Spike Fortress
Street Fighter For those who think Cammy's a weak character, try this baby on for size. Not only is she stronger than both of the other Cammys (Cammies?), but she's also got a cuter portrait. If only I could read Japanese...
SFA Cammy Luvly Angel and JinKazama8
Mugen Love
Street Fighter She's sort of a mix of Street Fighter Alpha 3 and X-Men vs. Street Fighter. The results were nice. Look for M. Bison (Vega for those who say Gouki instead of Akuma) to show up too.
SSF2 Cammy Andre Lopes
here or here
Street Fighter For fans of the classic, she'll be a welcome treat, with some added surprises.
Captain America MystikBlaze
Marvel You know he's giving you the finger behind that shield of his when he holds it up in his victory pose. I thought he was better at the cabinet.
Cassandra Hh
Rage of Dragons Where is she keeping those feathers?
Cell MugenGuy
Dragon Ball Z Even though it appears to be the Perfect incarnation, this character is far from perfect, and as usual, flying causes problems because all the characters assume their opponent is in front of them. If you're fighting him, and he starts flying, a good rising attack (shoryuken, Sakura's upward-diagonal hadouken, Isabeau's fire tornado thing, etc.) will teach him a lesson. Or not.
Chung Poe Dr. M
Brutal: Paws of Fury - Remix
Brutal: Paws of Fury Apparently, some kind of Chinese mole.
SFA Chun Li Luvly Angel, TerryKuo, and Kisamu K Young
Mugen Love
Street Fighter I just love her blow-stuff-up super. Just perfect for when Onslaught's second form comes down to attack.
Cham Cham kusirojin
Samurai Shodown She's a fun little character, like Blanka only cuter, and with a boomerang and a pet monkey (Paku Paku) instead of Blanka's fun electricity.
Chrome Dome Shadowtak
Shadowtak Mugen
TMNT: Tournament Fighter Funny, I remember him being bigger in the TV show. Anywho, this is Chrome Dome from TMNT Tournament Fighters, and while I haven't played the actual game, this Mugenized version would give MK3's Cyrax a run for his motherboard. A pleasing adaptation.
SSF2 Chun Li shacti
SSF2 Classic Chun Li has a couple of surprises to add to her arsenal now that she's in Mugen. Good surprises, not bad ones like bugs and stuff.
Classic Cage Shadowtak
Shadowtak Mugen
Mortal Kombat What can I say except, he's MK1 Johnny Cage, with everything that goes with the title.
Classic Sub-Zero Team MK Proyect
MK-Mugen 2.0
Mortal Kombat Nothing too fancy (unless you count the kanji on his uniform), but effective against the other classic subzero on this list.
Classic Vega Zolagun
Street Fighter SF2 version of Vega (M. Bison in America), and proof that CVS adaptation (see CVS M. Bison) doesn't always make a character better.
Colossus Loki
Marvel He's faster than you'd expect him to be at his size, which works in his favor, considering how easy he is to hit when you're throwing out a lot of fireballs (Evil Ryu anyone?).
Cool Choi Mr.S & Misamu K Young
KoF If you could transplant the face from original Choi onto Cool Choi's body, you'd have someone who looks more like Freddy Kreuger than the actual Freddy I have (no offense to Mature4evr). I have to admit I'm a really big fan of the finger-blades.
Crash Man OnslaughtX
Mugen Evolution
Mega Man And you thought the cheesemeisters who just stood across the screen and threw Hadoukens all day were annoying, here comes a demolitions robot who was never programmed for moderation.
Crono Kyo Kusanagi
Kyo's Combo Fever
Chrono Trigger If you're looking to fill up that "short characters" motif, this little dude and all the other characters from Chrono Trigger should fit the bill. He's small and fast, and in the hands of a good player it can be like fighting a ferret. (by show of hands, how many people have actually fought a ferret?)
Cyber Akuma ?
Marvel Superheroes vs. Street Fighter At the arcade, I beat this guy with Sakura and Akuma first time I encountered him in Marvel Superheroes vs. Street Fighter. This one's a little harder. He has a very high defense (doesn't take a lot of damage) and he's got a no-nonsense, no-frills instant teleport that can screw up your Special Move motions if you're trying to hit him with any move that depends on F or B or any permutation thereof. All in all, a good adaptation, although I think they should have made his pic smaller, both when starting a Super and when he's on the vs. screen. And it should probably be behind him on the Super, not in front where you can't see anything.
Cyber Shredder ?
TMNT Whoever made him didn't want to admit to it, apparently. No name in the .def file or in the readme. Well...I kind of wonder where his body armor is, he's only wearing the helmet, shinguards and gauntlets, over some white training uniform or something. He glitches occasionally, but when he pulls out all the stops he can be a very strong fighter.
Cyclops SunBoy
Marvel His AI could use some work. Okay, a lot of work. Giving him a bunch of Marvel good guys as strikers was a good idea, unless you're one of those striker-haters (I know you're out there, I can hear you growling. Oh, wait, that's my stomach. Next time I should remember not to work on this before lunch). His Spider-Man striker gets pallette priority over the Spider-Man character, meaning it will be in the clean red-and-blue costume while the real Spidey is stuck in the dusty grey one.
Cyrax Team MK Proyect
MK-Mugen 2.0
Mortal Kombat I had to download the MK full game to get any of the robots, which doesn't figure very highly on my list of "things that make me happy." Special moves and capabilities seem to be mostly intact, except for that el-cheapo throw move where he can start the next one before the last one is finished. Depending on your preferences, that's either a good thing or a bad thing.
Dali Llama Dr. M
Brutal: Paws of Fury - Remix
Brutal: Paws of Fury Hello, Dali! LOL, j/k. This was the final boss of Brutal: Paws of Fury, a game remixed by Dr. M using the Mugen gaming engine. You can choose to download the whole thing (which comes with characters, stages, select screen, yaddada yaddada yaddada), or download the elements separately. Dali Llama isn't very strong, even among Brutal characters, and he gathers Super energy pretty slowly, but out of all the critters, he has the strongest Supers.
Dao Long EX O Illusionista
Brazil Mugen Team
Special Ops I probably have characters he can beat, but I was going in descending order of difficulty, and got bored when I got down to the Sakura variants.
Dark Bolt Ethan Lives
Brazil Mugen Team
Special Ops If you anger Dark Bolt, she's liable to turn you into a Dead Body. She joins Isabeau on the list of Girls Who Can Beat Evil Ryu, and she also goes on the list of Edits Who Are Better Than The Originals. Nice.
Dark Chun Li Big Eli King
Street Fighter Interesting. I kind of like the aggressive AI.
Dark Sakura Blackjack
Street Fighter She has, by far, the easiest Shun Goku Satsu in the whole freaking Mugen game, and it's a Level 1. It doesn't do as much damage as the ones used by the other Shotos, but it's got more range and power than Juli's. I didn't download her (or any of the other Sakura variants) due to how good she is, but due to simple otaku factor for me. That's all. Isn't that enough? Still, at least she beats some of the other characters I have.
Dark Sakura Faye (based on Adamskie's work)
Sunny World
Street Fighter Alpha Adapted for the "Gals of Mugen" full game, which isn't so full, actually, because Queen Bee is not available. In order to run this character, you have to download the Gals screenpack, because she references a common file in the Gals folder. Now, as for the character herself, she's on about the level of CVS Sakura, which is a good thing, because now I actually have a decent Dark Sakura.
Deadpool Inverse
Marvel He just has that "unfinished"ness about him. Not all of his sprites appear to be there (he disappears on occasion when doing something, and he appears to be tossing something behind his back that hurts his opponent, but nothing's there), but at least his taunt works. Rock on, 'Pool!
Death Maul RMX
Carlos Boy
Star Wars: Episode 1 He's got the painted face, and he does hold a lightsabre, but this four-button character is no more Darth Maul (or his resurrected form) than I am. Dark Side powers? Looks more like a fart to me. Battle Droid striker? TIE Fighter divebomb Super? WTF? RMX could have edited some Samurai Shodown sprites, or something, but no.
Dinocar Sugio
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs (I think) Another beat-up-the-car bonus stage, but unlike the one from Street Fighter II, this one fights back, running you over repeatedly and zooming off-screen to turn around and do it again. It looks kind of weird if you aren't using an outdoor stage to fight on, though. First time I faced it, it was in a convenience store stage.
D'raven ihoo1836
uhm...dunno Move over, Harry Potter, this wizard's gonna rock U. With a wide variety of useful spells, including levitation, fire and brimstone from the sky, and a freezing spell to encase his opponent in a huge block of ice, D'raven is almost as good as Reu's Evil Ryu. Almost. They fought to a bitter standstill, but in Round 3, Evil Ryu once again proved the victor.
Dr. Doom Carnificina
Marvel Doesn't suffer from the same retardedness as Magneto, which is a blessing. Likes to play Keep-Away (as in "AAAH! Don't touch me, asswipe!") while he gets ready for his big attacks. At least he's a flying character who wasn't based on Magneto's irrational desire to hug people.
Earthworm Jim Broliblood11 and SSonic
Request (until I can find the site again)
Earthworm Jim On the plus side, at least fireballs go over his head instead of hitting him (unless he's fighting someone else who is also short, like Crono). If his gun had more range, he'd be more playable. Still, you can at least use him to get the upper hand on cheesemeisters who stand across the screen and throw Haoukens all day.
Edward Elrick Heejun184
Mugen Outlaw
Fullmetal Alchemist It's a promising start, but I REALLY hope someone out there will make some crouching and jumping sprites for poor Edward, and maybe give him some aerial attacks, because as things stand now, he's at a severe disadvantage.
Eiko Magami (A-ko) Majere
Red Giant Homepage
Project: A-ko Even if you're not a big fan of Project: A-ko, you gotta love a girl who can throw a tank at people, blast by them with supersonic speed, or plant a hand in the middle of their chest and send them flying backwards. She's a redhead, like me, and like me, she has a temper. One of her Supers is called A-ko Tantrum, and that's just what it is, she's invincible during the dash, then she proceeds to beat the snot out of her opponent until she runs out of power. She's got a slam-the-ground move to knock standing opponents off their feet, and if B-ko does the Spider Shot, she can do the Tank Throw with any atttack button. How cool is that? She also has a special intro for when she's fighting B-ko.
Elena Phirmost
The &ioll Heart
Street Fighter 3 Pretty fast for a big girl. She's only 53% done, but considering that little fact, not bad.
Ella Aiduzzi
The Photon Falls
The Ring This is Samara, from The Ring (I don't know why Aiduzzi changed her name to Ella, but if you want, you can change it back by opening her .def file in Notepad and editing the "displayname" field). I don't think your harddrive's going to crash in seven days if you download this character, but even if it does, she's too cool NOT to download, so back everything up and take advantage of her unique arsenal of Specials and Supers. You can use her to literally rip into your opponent (seriously, AWESOME!).
Enmko SS5ACE and ENMKO
Ace's site
original A Sakura-edit who doesn't fight like Sakura...interesting. She has a Fireball, but she can do it with one hand, unlike all the Shotos. She's got a Lightning Kick variant (which is impressive since Ace was using Sakura sprites). The pigtails were a nice touch. Enmko holds her own against all my Sakura variants except CVS Sakura.
Erina Luchini
Luchini Mugen
Variable Geo I'm rather surprised she doesn't pop out of a cake.
Ermac Team MK Proyect
MK-Mugen 2.0
Mortal Kombat This guy kicks the butts of the other two Ermacs I have.
Ermac The Impaler
Mugen Guild
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 The controls to activate his moves have been changed from his Mortal Kombat days, I think unneccessarily. He's still got everything, though.
Ermac Pneophen
Mortal Kombat It's 3 characters in one...or Dial-A-Kombat. However you want to look at it, this Ermac has something to offer your Mugen game. Oh, you might want to shrink him a little with the scale command.
Evil Ken Kingtigre, Reu & Sol Bianca
Mugen Institute
Street Fighter This is the best Evil Ken I've downloaded so far. If you have a better one, I'd like to see it (but not necessarily fight it).
Evil Ryu Reu and Kingtygre
Mugen Institute
Street Fighter Best Evil Ryu I've downloaded so far. In Watch Mode, leaves Gouki black and blue.
F1 Hsieh
Thomas Hsieh's Homepage: Mugen
The top-left corner of your keyboard This is one of those "Because I can" characters. Take it off your select screen when you're ready to get back to seriousness. His mere presence on the screen causes other characters to die.
Falcon O Illusionista
Brazil Mugen Team
Special Ops I like the phoenix move, but there's not much else to commend him. More annoying than difficult, I can beat him with pretty much any other sword-weilding character, and a great many non-swordweilders.
Felicia pji111
Mugen Guild
Darkstalkers She could be better, but she could be lots worse.
The Flash Erradicator
Press Start
DC Comics He was updated since last time I checked, so he'll be kicking even more booty!
Foxy Roxy Dr. M
Brutal: Paws of Fury - Remix
Brutal: Paws of Fury Fastest of the Brutal characters, Foxy's not very strong, but her Supers give decent damage.
Freddy Kreuger Mature4evr
Nightmare on Elm Street (NES) When I saw Freddy on Mature's list of haves, I was expecting something more like Cool Choi (which I got later). However, this is from the NES game. It's got a nice intro where it says "Freddy's Coming" but then he appears and he's like knee-high on Sakura! Oh, well, on the plus side, fireballs don't even knock his hat off, and he's one of those mini characters that Apocalypse can't hit with his homing missiles. He'd be pretty good if you made an entire game out of short short platform-game characters. However, he's better than Bomberman, Earthworm Jim and Team Megaman, at least under computer control. As far as stages, I think he looks best in Blackheart's stage.
Frost Man Lord Sinistro
Cyberbit Mugen
Mega Man A worthy addition if you're collecting robots for some kind of Robot Wars Mugen game. When I first introduced him to the version of Megaman I have, he whipped Mega's little blue bomber booty. Equipped with ice-motif specials (including an immobilizer freeze move) and some good old-fashioned smack-down, he knows how to throw his weight around (and he's got a lot of weight to throw around).
Fubuki Sakuragasaki Nyan Kiryu
? What do Space Invaders and Power Panties have in common? This character, that's what.
Fulgore Vital Zero
Killer Instinct Not quite the butt-thwomping cyborg I remember, but it's still pretty good. Shoryuken clone, projectile, teleport, inviso-mode, "overheat mode"...
Galactus Gorjeador
Marvel A big dude you have to aim for the mask to hit. He's as tall as the screen, so whatever stage you picked for Apocalypse, use it for Galactus too.
Gambit Luvly Angel
Mugen Love
Marvel A good character with some interesting moves. I think it's pretty faithful to the arcade version.
Glacius ?
Killer Instinct In my opinion, all the Killer Instinct characters should be 6-button characters. Anything less would be uncivilized. This is a 2-button adaptation.
God Gundam Nyan Kiryu
My guess would be some Gundam game. No, it's not one of those SD Gundam characters or I wouldn't have downloaded it, but it is scaled down to stand face-to-face with regular Mugen characters.
God Rugal ICCHA
KoF An okay Boss character you can use without feeling like a cheater, but hardly deserving of the divine monniker.
Godzilla Sugio
King of Monsters or something like that Beware the wrath of Gogira! Or not. I really don't have a lot of trouble defeating him. He's lost a lot of weight (or Dr. Who got him with the shrink ray). I put him in the Giant Clash stage so he feels more at home.
Goku GT Goku SSJ
Dragonball GT An annoying little guy who stays in the air too much. He doesn't seem to have anything for the upper-tier Shotos. Ryu Plus knocked out half his lifebar without being touched, then Goku went into the sky and stayed there until time ran out.
Goku SSJ SodonHID
Dragon Ball Z See below
Goku SSJ Roken
Dragon Ball Z I'm combining these two together because they seem to have the same problems. First is an irritating habit of jumping right into opposing beam Supers (irritating even when it's helping you win, because human nature is to hate stupidity), and the second is their habit of floating right where a human player can Shoryuken them out of the sky. (of course, the computer rarely thinks to include altitude in its computation of where the character is).
Goro Gorjeador
Mortal Kombat In Mortal Kombat 1, he was the big badass right before you fought the Old and Crusty version of Shang Tsung (did you notice he gets younger with every game?), and he was good...against MK1 characters. Mortal Kombat was treated as a rather bad Street Fighter clone, and I will neither confirm nor deny that assertion, but the fact remains that against newer, stronger, faster fighters, Goro doesn't really stand a chance. If, however, you want to assemble a Mortal Kombat Nostalgia game, go right ahead and get him.
Gouken Slayer and Khardgar
1 2
Street Fighter It's hard to imagine how Gouki killed this guy. He certainly seems to have a consistent win rate against Gouki (and several of his variants). Go ahead, download him, rock Akuma's world.
Gouki Sepher
Street Fighter Old-school classic Akuma (or Gouki for you purists) continues to appeal to those who want to play with Shotokan.
SVC Gouki Minseo1911
Infinity Taunt
SNK vs. Capcom Want somebody who looks cool in a darker stage? Then maybe you'd prefer SVC Gouki over the original (even though this one loses to the other one in fights).
Guile (SF2) kain The Supreme
Street Fighter Another SF2 character with some surprises. He's got a Blanka striker, but it just appears and stays there until you make it move. A regular one-shot striker would have been better, I think.
Guts Man OnslaughtX
Mega Man I had him before, but forgot to include him in here. The first version I downloaded lacked walking, punching, kicking, a lot of sounds and KO animation, and his big portrait was...not so great. This version has a nice portrait and a classic Megaman-ish KO animation. He's also got a new move or two. I'd call that progress.
Havok Rehap&Comedy Haha
Marvel I like some of those moves, but, like his brother, his AI could use some work. But, if you want an alternative to that anal-retentive spazz Cyclops, then by all means CRY "HAVOK!!!!" and let slip the dogs of war.
Hibiki Takane Max
The Last Blade Daughter of a swordsmith named Genzou, Hibiki's father died after completing a sword for Setsuna.
Hikaru Nyan Kiryu
? An interesting combination of a sword, fireball and strikers (who also have swords). Probably someone you'll want to reserve for your all-girls motif, though.
Hinako ActJapan
Mugen Sharp
KoF She's a pushy little minx, so be prepared to get cornered. Looks like she switches back and forth between the different versions of herself (2K - 2K3), but all three like to push you around--or is that slap you around? Either way, she's a cute but aggressive addition to your Mugen game, or even just your all-girl motif if you're making one.
Hoppy Lord Sinistro
Cyberbit Mugen
Clayfighter This is what happens when the wabbits hunt you back, doc. Straight out of C2: Judgement Clay, comes Hoppy, the Rambo of Rabbits. Observe his climactic Claytality at the end of the match if he beats you.
Hsien-ko Zelgadis296
Darkstalkers Okay, I really love the swingie-slicey move she does, and the bomb too. In addition to that, anybody who can bounce projectiles back at their originator is okay by me.
Hulk Blackbocs
Marvel Hulk hate puny humans! Hulk smash!
Iceman Splode
Marvel Never played as or against him at the cabinet, so I can't really make much of a comparison between this character in the original, but he sure handed Colossus his tin can.
Ickybod Clay Shadowtak
Shadowtak Mugen
Clayfighter It's not The Man From S.P.E.C.T.R.E., and he's not going to be haunting your dreams (unless you're clay-o-phobic). Tell Egon to put away the Proton Pack and order out for pizza, Roomi already busted the ghost. Boo.
Insane Hiryu Sinasta1
MvC Um, is he supposed to lose against his "normal" Strider Hiryu self?
Ironman Erradicator
Press Start
Marvel Meh, War Machine was better.
Isabeau Ex-Infernis
? I can't help but hold a deep respect for somebody you can pit against Gouki and Evil Ryu simultaneously and have her come out smelling sweet...sort of. I also like how sometimes she starts out on a cross or a pike, then comes down from it. I put her in Blackheart's stage.
Ivan Dr. M
Brutal: Paws of Fury - Remix
Brutal: Paws of Fury As far as the Brutal boys (and girl) go, Ivan has the strongest attack and defense, and doing one combo can inflict lots of damage against his fellow critters, but he's slow and his attacks don't have much range.
Jade Team MK Proyect
MK-Mugen 2.0
Mortal Kombat She really likes her projectile-invincibility flashy-move, so don't expect to get by with throwing Hadoukens all day, bizatch.
Jago ?
Killer Instinct Well, at least he's not just a striker for Fulgore anymore...right?
Jam Kuradoberi AOAO
Guilty Gear X Good, but not devastating., 3 of 10.
Jean Grey Comedy Haha
Marvel She was touted as Phoenix, but she's in the usual Jean Grey outfit from the Fox Kids animated series. She only changes into the Phoenix during a Super or two and her end pose with the M'kraan Crystal.
Jin Saotome Hsieh
Thomas Hsieh's Homepage: Mugen
Marvel vs. Capcom Ya know, I don't remember him kicking quite this much booty in Marvel vs. Capcom. You'll know you've been in a fight once you pass this guy...IF you pass him.
Johnny Cage Team MK Proyect
MK-Mugen 2.0
Mortal Kombat Witness the return of the Nutcracker Prince. Seriously, he got back his MK2 Nutcracker move. SWEET!
Judith Sepher
Mugen Hispania
? She's an elf-girl, a Yuki variant (some would say Yuki improvement) and a pretty strong fighter in her own right. I'd pick a motif that has at least one square with no horizontal neighbors, because Judith's ears stick out of her select-screen box and occlude the faces of her neighbors.
Juggernaut Carnificina
Marvel There's gotta be a better Juggernaut than this out there somewhere.
Ace's site
Original Don't let the name fool you, he's a guy. A guy with really funkay teeth, but that's cool. He can take on Juni and Juli individually, so that's somewhere in the intermediate levels. Not somebody you want to try taking on Reu's Evil Ryu with unless you're REALLY aching for a challenge. Not to worry, though, this is only the Beta version. The final release is bound to be even better.
Juli + Pneophen
Downloading now!
Street Fighter Since I don't have the original, I can't say exactly whether she really is a "plus" but she's usually the one still standing when I team her with Juni against someone. Somebody please explain to me why she has a Shun Goku Satsu...she's a Cammy clone, not a Ryu clone!
Juni M.M.R.
Street Fighter I'll leave it up to you to decide which one's the cute one.
Jun Kubota Luchini
Luchini Mugen
Variable Geo Well here's a strapping girl who's lookin' to bruise someone. She appears to be taller than Guile, even with his hair.
Kabal Team MK Proyect
MK-Mugen 2.0
Mortal Kombat His dash doesn't do the spinny-thing anymore. I really miss that. Seriously. I used to dash past people and launch into a big freaking combo with this guy. Can't do that no more. Pity.
Kaede Ribeiro
The Last Blade A character from the original Last Blade, who I think has some relationship with Yuki...
Kagami Shinnosuke Orochi Herman
Riot of the Blood Rehabilitation Center
The Last Blade I wish he took better advantage of his flying ability, but I guess Herman couldn't make him perfect or nobody would ever be able to beat him.
Kaioshin Shin Hayato
Shin Hayato
DBZ Better than some of the Gokus I have. Would go pretty good in a motif that was all Z-fighters, but is about Juni/Juli level in overall Mugen.
Kano Team MK Proyect
MK-Mugen 2.0
Mortal Kombat Back when my Genesis used to work, Kano was all about the long-range attacks, like the cannonball, rising cannonball, and throwing that lightsaber at me, and then if I got close enough to uppercut him, he'd grab and shake me for being so stupid. This guy needs a lot of work to live up to that.
Karate Croc Dr. M
Brutal: Paws of Fury - Remix
Brutal: Paws of Fury Another new addition to the Brutal team since my last update of this list.
Karin Orochi Herman
Riot of the Blood Rehabilitation Center
Street Fighter Is it just me, or does everything about her scream "spoiled brat?" Well, she's an okay fighter, but I still prefer my Sakura variants.
Kasugano Pneophen
Downloading now!
Street Fighter Not the strongest Sakura variant I've ever run into, but she's got some interesting moves. I should warn you, the bandwidth limit for the site she's on resets once a month.
Kasumi Todo M.M.R.
Art of Fighting Kasumi, or at least, THIS Kasumi, is an upper-lower-middle-class fighter who can provide a nice warm-up, sort of like Felicia, but isn't going to make anyone's list of the Best AI's in Mugen. She comes with a striker and, in the right hands, can be pretty good. The right hands aren't the computer's hands, though.
Kendo Coyote Dr. M
Brutal: Paws of Fury - Remix
Brutal: Paws of Fury For a Brutal character, he's strong, and his special moves are very agile, but he lacks defense.
Ken & Ryu Asccort
1 or 2
Street Fighter First off, let me say you're not going to see Ryu in Watch Mode or when you're fighting against this character. The computer doesn't call him in (or at least, it didn't when I was testing the character). So, I can't really give you much of a comment on that. However, I will say that at least the Ken side appears to have a fast, aggressive AI in many cases. The fact that he has 3 Special Moves (6 if you count the air versions as their own move) and 3 Supers, and that he suffers from Ken's chronic half-hadouken syndrome might tempt you to underestimate him. Oh, yeah, there's a nice team-beam-Super you can do, and by pressing Fierce and Roundhouse you can switch to Ryu.
King Ghidorah Sugio
King of Monsters The first three-headed character I've had the pleasure of downloading. He comes armed with an 80+ rush combo he can unload on your butt, and likes to jump on his opponent's head, but the wings are made for blocking, not flying, I'm sorry to say.
King Godzilla Sugio
King of Monsters He's the same as above (in fact, you have to install him to the same folder as the other one in order for him to work), but he's bigger (the sprites are resized). To give yourself an idea of what it's like, take a picture of Sakura and resize it until she stands eye-to-eye with Sentinel.
Kintaro Team MK Proyect
MK-Mugen 2.0
Mortal Kombat Props for any character that beats Evil Ryu even once.
Kintaro Mike Obrecht
MKII On the plus side, he's better than Goro. He can grab you out of things like flying kicks and so forth.
Kitana Team MK Proyect
MK-Mugen 2.0
Mortal Kombat MK3 version of the Princess of Outworld, formerly and later to become known as Edenia. She doesn't "get cheap" like I've sometimes been heard accusing MKII Kitana of doing (see below), but she wins anyway.
Kitana The Impaler and Kris Kasmer
MKII Kitana's certainly come up in the world. In the original version, she was just another character, one of two token sex objects in MKII (if you keep Mileena's mask on). The creators didn't want to make her too powerful. Then along came Impaler and Kasmer, who realized her potential and turned Kitana into a character you might want to put just below the bosses or something. If you're doin an all-girls game, she could probably BE a boss!
Knuckles the Echidna Kyo Kusanagi
Kyo's Combo Fever
Sonic & Knuckles I don't know what Kyo was thinking when he Mugenized Knuckles to have him count down Rings when hit instead of deducting from the Life Bar like everybody else. I give him a five-hit combo and he dies.
Kouryu Third
The Last Blade He's apparently from The Last Blade 2, which I haven't played before, but he's certainly an interesting character, what with his telekinetic abilities and all.
Kung-Fu Bunny Dr. M
Brutal: Paws of Fury - Remix
Brutal: Paws of Fury Balanced between strength and agility, this scwewy wabbit should definitely be included if you're going to include any of the other Brutal characters.
Kung Lao Team MK Proyect
MK-Mugen 2.0
Mortal Kombat All in all, a pretty good adaptation.
Kurenai Inverse
? A combo-centric bladeswoman with anti-button-mashing code, so if you're not willing to learn the moves & combos, you might as well pick somebody else. However, a skillful player will find her juggling abilities more than satisfactory.
Kurihan Kurihan
DBZ A fusion of Krillin and Gohan--he's pretty good for a little guy. Don't take him lightly.
Kurokishi ihoo1836
? Have I mentioned before that I have a weakness for babes with blades? Particularly babes who take on Evil Ryu and get him down to the last little bit of lifebar before he hits with the half-your-lifebar Supers.
Kyla Kain the Supreme
Original Apparently, this is a Mortal Kombat female ninja edit. Her full name is 3rd Sister Kyla, and from what I could tell given my limited knowledge of Spanish, she's supposed to be a clone of Mileena, created because Kahn was tired of Mileena failing. Well, anybody who's ever bought a pirated movie on the street knows what happens when you make a copy of a copy of anything. No jokes about her large, black cat, please.
Len Tao JomJom
Shaman King M
Shaman King I don't know what JomJom was thinking, making his power-up move deplete his life bar. His and Yoh's (see waaaaaay down below) are the only power-up moves that deplete the lifebars of the users, and for good reason. Len and Yoh have special intro animations for when they face each other in battle, just like Yuri and CVS Sakura, or A-ko and B-ko.
Leona (#1) Tin
KoF A strong Leona, I think. Pretty good.
Leona (#2) RequestO&M
KoF Even better than the other one.
Leonardo ByteZero
TMNT The leader of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles could have used a better AI, but I've got worse characters in my select.def.
Lilith J. Reed, Omega Red, KoyoTae
Emu Arena
Darkstalkers She manages to be cute and also somewhat deadly at the same time. A nice combination, or perhaps one that could lead you to underestimate her.
Li Hua Shacti
? The original creator of Li Hua could have used her sword to much better effect, but at least she has a super with it that takes off half your life if she hits you with both slashes.
Link RMX & Silencer
Shin Mugen
Legend of Zelda You have to look for him in the News section (the password to unzip the files is "Hyrule", big H, little everything else. The guys did a damn good job on this. Good variety of weapons and techniques, a decent AI, and a touch of irreverent humor with his taunt move (a simple but effective razz) make for a good combination, and his moves aren't too complicated to use either. I don't know who the weakest Link is, but it's definitely not him. My only complaint is that his bomb hurts him as well if he's too close.
Lion-O Erradicator
Press Start
Thundercats Ah, the first step toward my 80's Nostalgia Fighter is now, heh, just kidding. But it's not just the leader of the Thundercats, he's got help from his teammates Panthro, Tygra and Cheetara. All that's missing is Snarf and the Thunderkits, and I think we all agree on how much help THEY'd be.
Liu Kang Kazmer
Mugen Tomb
MKII Interesting, I've never been turned red by Liu Kang's fireball until I downloaded this.
Li Xiang Fei J.Lee
Conversion World
Rage of Dragons Cute kid. Another Rage of Dragons character that uses the shoulders too much. I see a pair of swords in her end pose, but I don't see her use them in the match. Pity.
Lohan ss5ace
Ace's site
Original He has no sounds, but then, I don't have a soundcard either (until I can get it fixed anyway), so it's okay. It's actually kind of refreshing to see a believable character in Mugen. No Sonic Boom, no Hadouken, no Gallek Gun, just a guy with his fists and his feet kicking butt. He's got one thing he does where it looks like he's doing a Super, and he does his salute...but then nothing happens...what's up with that?
Lucca Kyo Kusanagi
Kyo's Combo Fever
Chrono Trigger The gun-toting, flame-tossing inventor from Chrono Trigger is just as short as the other Chrono Triggerers. Don't let that dissuade you, she kicks the pants off the Sonic the Hedgehog crew.
Lupin the 3rd Kain the Supreme
Lupin III It's amazing the things you find in the miscellaneous ("vari" in Italian) sections of some websites. What he lacks in size he makes up for with moxy, resourcefulness and the classic Lupin attitude (I watched him bitch-slap Vegeta out of his Gallek Gun twice in the same match). In addition to his fists and gun, he has a number of strikers at his disposal, including his sharpshooting buddy Jigen, one guy I don't recognize and...Popeye? In one move, Jigen hops in the car to commit felony hit-and-run. This adaptation may not be tall, but ya gotta admit, pausing to toke a smoke in mid-fight adds just a little extra coolness factor.
Lynn M.M.R.
Project M
Rage of Dragons She's from Rage of the Dragons, but she doesn't fight like it. She doesn't have the combo system or the Duplex Combo System. She likes to use her legs and shoulders a lot (nice legwarmers by the way) and she's got an attack that's almost a Hadouken but without the fireball, and a hot flaming punch that sets her opponent on fire.
Magneto BillyKane
Marvel As far as I can tell, it's pretty faithful to the original arcade version. A couple of things wrong here and there, but that's just nitpicky I think, so I'll let it go.
Magus Kyo Kusanagi
Kyo's Combo Fever
Chrono Trigger He's short like the other Chrono Trigger guys, meaning he doesn't get hit by most standing attacks. Got some nice Shadow Magic too. Muahahaha, behold my evil shortness!
Mai_K kuri
Eternal Fighter She's not one of those walking sex-symbols you see so often in video games. She's more like the anime version of a Bratz doll with a sword and the ghost of a little girl with a bunny-ears hat on. Luckily, she's good with the sword, not to mention fast, and the ghost has some powers of her own. Apparently they've got something much bigger hiding behind the scenes, because sometimes the screen will go dark, and you see these enormous slashes like claws across the screen several times, and if the unlucky person fighting her isn't careful, he or she will be seriously hurt. Of course, by far my favorite move is the one where she slashes with her sword, her opponent hovers in the air, in obvious pain, then bleeds profusely and falls. Ouch.
Mai Shiranui NeoGouki
Fatal Fury I admit, I have trouble getting used to non-6-button characters. It's okay, though, Mai's just as sexy as ever.
CVS Mai Shiranui Shacti
Conversion World
Capcom vs. SNK Yippee! Mai's got 6 buttons! The way she stands, you can see down her top. Distracting for human players, but she needs to learn not to try and charge up the Super Bar when she's close to her opponent, and she needs to be more aggressive, like CVS Sakura. Well, that's AI trouble, and really doesn't have much of an effect on you if you're playing as her.
Malin Hh
KoF Her portrait is blonde, but the character has pink hair. What's up with that? Watch out for the cattle prod when you're fighting her. She's got a couple of other toys to play with, but I find the cattle prod to be the most irritating.
Manami Kusunoki Nyan Kiryu
? Attack of the Ubercute. Well, maybe not "attack," considering she only beats a small handful of characters, and doesn't seem to be very useful in human hands either.
Marle Kyo Kusanagi
Kyo's Combo Fever
Chrono Trigger By far the cutest of the Chrono Trigger crew (my opinion, but maybe you prefer Lucca). Same thing about the advantage of being short (Hadoukens go right over her cute little head, setting Ryu up for a crossbow shot to the groin). If you want to do like you could do in Chrono Trigger and rename her, go ahead, open her .def file in a text-editor and change her displayname. You're not limited to five characters for the name anymore, yay!
Mars People Crosscat
SVC Chaos A tentacled alien with a laser gun and a Primeco phone. If you don't like the stereotypical little green men, he's got other pallette colors to choose from.
Mature [Vice]
KoF This version of Mature is fast with a good AI. Good job, [Vice].
May Lee Juan Carlos
eternal champions
KOF Don't let the teddy bear on her shirt tempt you to underestimate her, she may not have superpowers or energy-manipulating techniques like the X-Men or Ken & Ryu, but she's got a hero's attitude ("As I live and breath, evil shall not prosper!" to quote one of her win phrases), and the skill to back it up. If you like feisty girls (and who doesn't?) go ahead and download her. If you were looking for somebody to assign that Mall stage you downloaded, think of May Lee.
MB-02 SodonHID, O Illusionista and Ethan Lives
Brazil Mugen Team
Special Ops Whoa...Cyber Sagat? Whatever you call him, he sure gave Evil Ryu a run for his money. As a matter of fact, characters who beat Evil Ryu get their butts handed to them by MB-02. So far, only Isabeau and Nightmare Dagger have defeated him, but Nightmare Dagger only won because projectiles heal him instead of damaging him. Go fig.
SVC Chaos M. Bison Hh
SVC Chaos Okay, this is the SVC Chaos version of M. Bison, (or Vega for those who say Gouki instead of Akuma). Those of you who are used to the Marvel vs., Street Fighter Alpha and Street Fighter II versions will be in for an adjustment.
Mech Gouki MystikBlaze
Street Fighter Okay, I know what you're thinkin. Mech Gouki is just Cyber Akuma, right? And I've had him forever (or at least, almost as long as I was a member of Mugen Guild Forums). MystikBlaze's Mech Gouki is superior to the unknown author's Cyber Akuma in every way except one, and that is that Cyber Akuma can take a whole lot more punishment than Mech Gouki. So, if you want a boss who's hard because he's all over you like wet on rain, then pick Mech Gouki. If you want a boss who's hard because you have to hit him seven hundred times before he goes down, then pick Cyber Akuma. The choice is yours.
Mech Hisui Ex-Infernis
Melty Blood The robot maid look might tempt you to underestimate her, but that would be a mistake. She packs laser eyes, flamethrowers, wrist-mounted missiles, jetpacks and other weapons.
Megaman JinKazama
MvC I'd say it has everything the Marvel vs. Capcom version had except the ability to charge up the Mega Buster. I'll be using it until I find a version that lets me charge up.
Mercedes Benz (SF2 Car Bonus Stage) Pioupiou
Street Fighter 2 Go ahead, see how fast you can break the car. I kinda miss being able to jump on top of it. If you know how to make a character CPU-only, you might want to do that. The downside to this character is you don't want the computer to pick it on a Random Select in Arcade mode. A nice little addition to this version is the guy who comes onscreen after you've trashed the car. Just so you know, characters who put their opponents into weird states with their moves might glitch the car out.
Metal Slug Train Bonus Stage Inverse
Metal Slug A somewhat more challenging bonus stage where you have to crash a train before it smooshes you against the back wall.
Metal Sonic SSJx4 Goku
Final Flash Extreme
Sonic & Knuckles Metal Sonic, aka Mech Sonic, Metallix, Sonic & Knuckles Final Boss, (as Knuckles), etc. While I admit I haven't figured out how to get him to transform into the gold form yet (if he even does), but this is sort of the character I've been bugging people to help me make for months ever since I ripped a set of Mech Sonic sprites when I first got Genecyst and a Sonic & Knuckles rom. SSJx4 Goku solved the problem of his missing walking and running sprites by having him do the same things he did in the original game, a crouching slide using the wheels on his feet, and a flying dash I thought was reserved for the gold form. You can fight your opponents merely by jumping at them, like when playing as regular Sonic in the games. You can also use his Fierce Punch projectile to keep opponents at bay. Instead of having a lifebar, Metal Sonic has 5 Rings, and loses 1 every time he's hit. This means that you can become stronger by gathering the rings that appear randomly, and end the battle with more "life" than you had when you started, and each hit you receive knocks off exactly one ring no matter how powerful or not (which means Mech Sonic has the advantage over slow characters that hit once for a heck of a lot of damage, but is at a disadvantage against quick chippers that hit you a lot of times for not a lot of damage). Metal Sonic vs. Metal Sonic can be a bit confusing because he only has one pallette, but unlike other bosses with hard-to-do special moves designed to prevent people from playing (effectively) as the character, a human-controlled Metal Sonic can easily whip the butt of his computer-controlled doppelganger.
Metool Blue-B-Sky
Mega Man Metool, AKA Hardhat Mac, makes his appearance with 2 crappy attacks, one where something falls from the sky, and another with his old-school shoot-a-pellet-from-his-mouth attack. Play him just as you would Team Megaman.
Mileena Kazmer
Mugen Tomb
MKII Mileena was the better fighter in MKII, what with her speed and it's Kitana. Looks like she'll be stepping into her sister's shadow this time around.
Millia Rage Mix Tuki no Turugi
? Not quite boss-level, but almost. She's fast, pretty smart, and uses a most unorthodox weapon: her hair (and she does it better than Sindel did in MK3).
Mimi Luchini
Luchini Mugen
Metal & Lace Facially, she reminds me of Sailor Moon (must be the meatball pigtails). Oh, well, she fits with the other cyborgs in this file.
Moe Fangke
Mugen China
? If you can get past her masculine name, you'll see that Moe is an interesting (and cute) non-Hadouken-oriented fighter with three strikers available to her. Better than a Hadouken-throwing fighter with unlimited strikers, isn't it?
Morrigan Vital Zero & (e)Magius
Emu Arena
Darkstalkers Morrigan's kind of like Lilith, but in more of a Dark Beauty instead of a Cute-But-Deadly kind of way. Well, they are sisters after all.
Mugena Ryan Kerns and Andre Lopes
Ryan's | Andre's
Original Ah, Mugena, the Shang Tsung of Mugen...if Shang Tsung were a girl. Everything she does she does in the shape of another warrior. Interesting concept.
Mukuro M@ppy
The Land of the Lost
The Last Blade Hey, look, it's Shikyoh's ugly stepbrother. Yeah. Lick that knife, bandage face. Hey, wait a minute, isn't that the guy who gropes Isabeau in one of her win poses?
Musashi Akatsuki Third
The Last Blade A big guy with two swords that are almost knives compared to him. He's got some interesting moves, though.
Nakoruru Roque
Sunny World
Samurai Shodown Definitely boss-material. Fast, aggressive and strong. You gotta be a darn good fighter to beat her.
Nakoruru Warusaki3
Samurai Shodown If you want a Nakoruru that's a little less frightening than the economy-size can of whupass that is opened by Roque's Nakoruru on a large number of characters, try this one on for size. Still challenging, but fair to those who don't want to use Nightmare Dagger.
Nate Summers ComedyHAHA & Rehap
Marvel Floaty guy who gets his butt kicked by Cyclops and the rest of the Summers family. What's the deal with that ghosty-thing? It doesn't seem to do anything.
N. Boss Shadowtak
Shadowtak Mugen
Clayfighter He doesn't punch, he doesn't kick, he just kind of rolls along the ground and shoots projectiles with every button. Strategies for playing as him? #1: Rapid-fire on your buttons (which one doesn't matter), #2: Take Nightmare Dagger off your select screen, because N. Boss stands about as much chance against a character who gains health from projectiles instead of losing it as a cheap tissue against Superman during cold and flu season.
Nightwolf Equincio
2D Graphics
Mortal Kombat 3 He's a step up from Leonardo (when he's not blocking), so at least he's not a total loser. Equincio thankfully included my favorite Finishing Moves of his, so now I can make my opponent disappear in a beam of light or strike them down with a bolt of lightning.
Noob Saibot Team MK Proyect
MK-Mugen 2.0
Mortal Kombat Unfortunately, his smoke-ball thing doesn't disable Special Moves like it used to. That was part of the fun of the character (aside from fighting in the dark Mortal Kombat stages, that is).
Octo Shadowtak
Shadowtak Mugen
Clayfighter Um, doesn't clay dissolve in water? At any rate, Octo's another one of those guys from Clayfighter 2 (aka C2: Judgment Clay) who are okay if you're looking for a break from Shotos and X-Men.
Ogre Yucky
Street Fighter/edit This is one fun guy. Watch him kicking somebody's butt and you know for a fact he enjoys his work. How unlike the stalwart, serious Akuma.
Omega Red OnslaughtX
Marvel All the female X-men refused to fight him, telling me their contract specifically states they don't do naughty tentacle scenes. Hahaha, just kidding.
Onslaught OnslaughtX
Marvel I had originally downloaded another version of Onslaught, but it had only the 1st form and no teleport. This one's much better, not to mention cooler looking. Second form and teleport are included.
Killer Instinct Just when I had given up on a good Killer Instinct character for Mugen, I ran across this rendition of B. Orchid. I have to say, it's a damn good adaptation. First, she's a 6-button character, which is an immediate advantage over those freaking 2-button adaptations you see all over the place. She's got some nice pallettes, including the white and the gold outfits from KI Gold (hold Start+A and Start+B respectively), and she's got most of my favorite moves including the Lasaken (renamed Laser Thing) and Tiger Morph, a No Mercy move where she turns her opponent into a frog then SQUISH, AND she's a beta version, which means she's going to get better. I hope this guy makes more of the KI characters.
Orochi Gonzo
KoF Ah, here's the source of all those strange Orochi characters. I was wondering where they came from. God Rugal can't whip him, so I guess he's not all bad.
Orochi Leona SSonic
SSonic's site
KoF I was under the impression "orochi" characters were supposed to be stronger than their non-Orochi counterparts, but this Orochi Leona spends too much time being pissed off to mount an effective assault. If somebody has a better version, let me know.
Orochi Sakura Cliente
Street Fighter She's slow, her sprites are in serious need of being cleaned, and her hurricane kick is barely a dirt devil. On the plus side, she's got a fireball that, when it hits, knocks her opponent WAY up in the air, and they're gone for a while, during which time you can recharge. Oh, and her portrait's kinda cute.^_^
Pan Ssonic
SSonic's site
Dragon Ball GT If you intend to use Supers, I suggest you learn and do the power-up move, because you could completely annihilate five opponents in the time it takes to build a Super bar the normal way. Her Kamehameha Wave has a crippling delay on it that you could drive a Shun Goku Satsu into.
Pantha Dr. M
Brutal: Paws of Fury - Remix
Brutal: Paws of Fury And now, young Skywalker, you will die....huh? Oh, my bad, wrong character. I kinda like the hooded robe, now if only he could float and throw fireballs...
Pocket Akuma Eminator
Pocket The Pocket Fighters are who you want to download if you just like to watch, because they're fun to watch. Though, while you're fighting Pocket Akuma, you just might get board (hit with one, that is).
Pocket Chun Li Splode
Pocket A fun little character incorporating the Super Gem Fighter gem system, or some semblance thereof. Grab gems for power, and don't hesitate to use the Traffic Cop super whenever you feel like.
Pocket Felicia Cuervinator
Pocket This little kitty likes to dress up as other Capcom characters, including Anakaris, Megaman and some other Darkstalkers characters.
Pocket Ibuki Vioret
Pocket I wish I could find the non-pocket version of her. Nice Pocket adaptation, though.
Pocket Ken Renzoku
Pocket I'm not usually a big Ken fan, but you gotta admit, he's pretty fly for a small guy.
Pocket Morrigan Aqua
Pocket Chibi chibi
Pocket Ryu Helios
Pocket Supposed to be a Street Fighter III groove of Pocket Ryu. Having never played SF3, I can't tell you whether it succeeded or not.
Pocket Shin Gouki Phantom of the Server
Pocket If you wanted to make a game full of nothing but Pocket fighters, he could be the Boss, or something.
Pocket Zangief SodonHID
Pocket Hey, somebody's gotta be the practice dummy...
Polaris Omega Red
Project Polaris
Marvel Interesting little Rogue-edit. Moves are a cross between Rogue's and Magneto's.
Predator Hunter Desh
here or Mugenation
Alien vs. Predator I feel the same way about this that I felt about the Alien vs. Predator movie when I went to see it.
Prince Leon Dr. M
Brutal: Paws of Fury - Remix
Brutal: Paws of Fury Average strength, fairly good speed, Brutal-wise.
Protoman Korium, Magic Mushroom & Frantic
Mugen Guild
Megaman Take Megaman, remove Rush Drill and Beat Plane, give him shades and change the weapons he gets when he calls Fliptop/Eddie, and you get this version of Protoman. IMO, if he's going to smile, he should be able to use a cooler one, because Protoman is supposed to be cooler than Megaman. Oh, well.
Psycho Kitty Dr. M
Brutal: Paws of Fury - Remix
Brutal: Paws of Fury I wonder if they make decaf catnip?
Psycho Shredder ?
TMNT INSANE IN THE MEMBRANE! heheheheh. Anyway, he's definitely a challenge to fight, but he's one of those characters who are made to be controlled by the computer (not exactly a trait you want to give a character if you want me as a fan). For some reason he makes Onslaught's arm disappear.
Psylocke WhiteMagic2002
WhiteMagic's Mugen
Marvel This is a better version than the one I had previously. Seriously, this one royally kicks the other's butt. So I took QKRTKF's out and put WhiteMagic's in her place.
Pupa Salgueiro Nyan Kiryu
? She relies on her feet and wrench instead of fireballs and superpowers, which gives her some bonus points in my book.
Q-Bee Mith
Darkstalkers This is the WinMugen version of Queen Bee (if you want to use her in Dos Mugen, go through her CNS file and put a semicolon ";" in front of every line containing "inguarddist"). Not QUITE as good as M@ppy's (as in, M@ppy's Queen Bee defeats her consistently, if only barely).
Queen Bee M@ppy
The Land of the Lost
Darkstalkers Float like a butterfly, sting like a Queen Bee, this character by the long-lost M@ppy is all the buzz, and my inability to find her had been bugging me for quite some time until she arrived in my email thanks to a Request at the Mugen Guild Forums. Okay, I promise that's the last bee joke, you HIVE my word.^_^
Raiden Team MK Proyect
MK-Mugen 2.0
Mortal Kombat The Thunder God is back, and he's kicking the other one's butt!
Raiden Kazmer & ChairmanKaga
Mugen Tomb
MKII He doesn't have any of the crouch hit animations and such, and his fatalities can miss, causing problems because neither player can move anymore, but nobody's perfect.
Rain Team MK Proyect
MK-Mugen 2.0
Mortal Kombat Another character who's going to need a lot of work to live up to the original.
Raiya Orochi Herman
Riot of the Blood Rehabilitation Center
Tokidesho Angel Eyes If you want to bounce your opponent off the side of the screen and into your next attack, then Raiya's your girl. She's a scrappy young lady with some interesting moves, ready to lay some hurtin' on some unsuspecting character. Kudos, Herman!
Rambo CaVaLeIrO_NeGrO
Rambo Heeeeeeeeeere's Johnny! John Rambo earns himself a place in the upper echelons of Mugen characters with this offering by CaVaLeIrO_NeGrO. This fast, aggressive character almost beat Evil Ryu in one round, which is impressive considering how much time Evil Ryu spends in his invincible teleport.
Ranmaru Sugio
? She's a little shorter than your normal Mugen character (which puts her somewhere in the area of the DBZ characters), but in difficulty level she's somewhere in the ballpark with Juni and Juli (individually). She's got a little floating multi-kick move, and a kind of projectile. Intermediate aggression from the CPU.
Raptor Lord Sinistro
Cyberbit Mugen
Jurassic Park Sinistro saved me a heck of a lot of trouble. I was going through Jurassic Park: Rampage Edition to get sprites for this guy, and had gotten as far as walking, biting, tail-swishing and jumping when I was directed to this guy's page, where he actually had a working Raptor. He's even got strikers, pallettes and stuff like that.
Rash Lord Sinistro
Cyberbit Mugen
Battletoads This is from one of the 16-bit Battletoads games, but I guess that's obvious, because if it was from the 8-bit game, it would suck, wouldn't it? I kind of like his eye-popping, jaw-dropping intro, although the one where he's beaming in is kind of cool too. Classic Battletoads action ensues when he inflates his extremities for his special attacks, and changing them into things like spiked boots, maces and so on is cool too.
Reayonis Lord Sinistro
Cyberbit Mugen
Heck if I know Her outfit reminds me of an NES Chun Li. She's pretty fast, too.
Reptile Team MK Proyect
MK-Mugen 2.0
Mortal Kombat About equal to the other Reptile in terms of difficulty.
Reptile Kazmer
Mugen Tomb
UMK3 Well, all he's missing is some sprites. Haven't had a fatality miss yet.
Rhei Rat Dr. M
Brutal: Paws of Fury - Remix
Brutal: Paws of Fury Mediocre, even for a Brutal character, but his knockout punches have high priority.
? She's fast for a big girl, and really aggressive in the AI. Try her out.
Rimururu Mugeni
Samurai Shodown I remember kicking butt with her at the arcade. This version is completely different. Luckily she has her sister, Nakoruru, for backup.
Riu Yung Mie Zamtong
Conversion World
? Having not seen the game she originally came from, I can't tell you how accurate she is with the original, but she's got an interesting combination of elements from various Street Fighter characters. Her projectile is a kick version of Guile's Sonic Boom. She also has a rudimentary Lightning Kick, a la Chun Li, a Rising Dragon Kick courtesy of Fei Long, an Akuma-like stomping intro, and a couple of other things. Into this mix she has thrown some of her own elements, including a bang-zoom-straight-to-the-moon kick (I don't know its proper name because I can't read the Readme.txt) that sends her opponent over the top of even Super Jump enabled stages.
CVS Rock Howard Warusaki3
Capcom vs. SNK The good news, he beats Yuki. The bad news, she was the only one he beat before I got tired. I keep him around to raise the rankings of my weaker Sakura variants :P
Rogue Big Eli King
Marvel Rogue's got some great moves of her own...but if you're not satisfied with those, give your opponent a little smooch and BOOYAH, a set of new powers. Look at the documentation before you play, so you won't be completely lost on how to use the powers.
MvC Roll Hsieh
Thomas Hsieh's Homepage: Mugen
MvC Okay, I'll admit it, I wanted the Mega Man family to be complete. That's why I downloaded her. I don't remember her being able to let loose with such a large Roll Buster blast before, though. Obviously, Hsieh made some improvements.
Roll Ibukah
MvC2 And Roll 2.0 comes with options like the Star Crash and a giant golden rock she can smash her opponent with. Gone are the sissy flowers, and in its place is something that looks like a Pharaoh Shot. She was a good little robogirl this Christmas...
Roomi Inverse
Galaxy Fight Don't let the bouncy b00bs and comically big white gloves distract you, this little cutie is well-rounded, adaptable, and good at coming back from minor setbacks. It's kind of fun to see her sitting on Gouki's chest punching him in the face. She doesn't exactly look like the kind of fighter who could beat down Dr. Doom, M. Bison and Gouki, but she is (not all at the same time, of course).
Rosa Mother Earth
? One look at Rosa, and you can tell she's not the kind of girl you mess with. Armed with a sword and a beltload of bullets, she's ready to unload some pain on you.
Ryoko Bad Darkness
? She looks like she could be Ryu's daughter, but she's not quite as dependent on long-range fireballs. Nice, aggressive AI keeps things interesting, and the fact that aside from her costume she doesn't seem to come out of the Shotokan mold.
Ryu Plus Mattasaur
Riot of the Blood Rehabilitation Center
Street Fighter Matt started out to make an Evil Ryu, but he ended up just making a beefed-up Ryu. No problem, it's cool anyway.
Sabretooth Jin Kazama
Marvel Uh, maybe I'm lost here, but who's the babe who takes his cloak and shows up occasionally as a striker? Oh, well, even with her help, he still can't beat Wolverine.
Saizo Hattori O Illusionista
Brazil Mugen Team
Special Ops That helmet didn't protect him when Evil Ryu kicked him in the head. Not quite on his tier, but he is somewhere above Juni/Juli. He's got a "hyper" mode, but I'm not sure that helps.
Sakura Gou-San
Mugen Institute
Street Fighter Missing SND file, but she's got backup from Ryu and Karin if need be.
Sakura Faye (based on Adamskie work)
Sunny World
Street Fighter Alpha An Alpha Sakura who fights like CVS Sakura without the charging-up thingie.
CVS Sakura Warusaki
Street Fighter This is the strongest Sakura variant I've seen. Fast, scrappy, with a nice arsenal of moves, she leaves the other Sakura variants in the dust. The special intro for facing CVS Yuri is a mere bonus.
Sakura Shingouji Haruwo Midareguma Mikami Kengo
link coming soon
edit, I think Similar to Hibiki, but with some differences (like a striker who appears with a machine gun).
Sango Lord-S & Shadowtak
Shadowtak Mugen | Cyberbit Mugen
Inuyasha Easy specials, including a poison gas attack (FP) which also causes her to jump back, and of course, throwing her giant boomerang, or whatever it's called. She also has backup from InuYasha if need be. Love that Windscar!
Scorpion Team MK Proyect
MK-Mugen 2.0
Mortal Kombat My major complaints are mostly aesthetic, since if he's fighting another Scorpion (such as Kazmer's), he turns gray.
Scorpion Kazmer13
Mugen Tomb
UMK3 He's got some excellent new moves...too bad he has trouble uppercutting his opponent after a Spear attack. That was like THE combo of Mortal Kombat. Spear. Uppercut. Spear. Uppercut. and so on.
Sean Matsuda Ethan Lives
Brazil Mugen Team
Special Ops A gum-chewing rookie B-ball player who wants to be a Shoto. With a skill level just under that of CVS Sakura (but higher than that of the other Sakura variants), Sean's got a lot to learn if he wants to make it to the upper echelons.
Sektor Team MK Proyect
MK-Mugen 2.0
Mortal Kombat Needs to repair the guidance system on his seeking missile. Seriously, using that thing is a wasted effort more often than not.
Sentinel Zolagun
Conversion World
Marvel Fe, fi, fo, fum, the biggest dude in all of Mugen (besides Onslaught, Galactus and Apocalypse, and one of Shaia's strikers) has come to kick some butt. He's big and slow, but powerful and likes to play keep-away. Not the Dr. Doom/Cable "Don't get near me!" keep-away, but the "bang, zoom, straight to the moon" kind of keep away. He likes to block a lot, too, and he doesn't take a lot of damage when blocking.
Setsuna Orochi Herman
Riot of the Blood Rehabilitation Center
The Last Blade If you don't download this guy, it better be because you're making an all-girls game. Seriously.
Sevil Nahte Ethan Lives
BMT: Brazil Mugen Team
Special Ops M. Bison got killed by Akuma, and somebody resurrected him as Sevil Nahte. And he's pretty good. He actually beat Evil Ryu once. In round 1. Rounds 2 and 3 went to Evil Ryu, who was rather miffed at Sevil and vowed revenge.
Shadow Lady ~E
Street Fighter No comments about where those missiles are coming from please. My only real (nitpicky) gripe is that the drill doesn't move.
Shaia Fer
Other Further | VFX Mugen | Mugen Monterrey
Hell if I know. Starts out looking like a cop, or maybe a private school student, or something; turns into a cyborg dancer with two pet mutant hyenas. One about the size of a large dog, the other about as tall as the screen. She's armed with a flame thrower, a taser or cattle prod or something, and a machine gun. Oh, yeah, and her pets do some fighting too.
Shang Tsung Team MK Proyect
MK-Mugen 2.0
Mortal Kombat Morphs? Shang Tsung don't need no stinking morphs! Well, that's what he's telling himself, anyway. His natural form was made to suck rocks by the Mortal Kombat guys to balance out his morphing ability. Without it, he
Shao Kahn Team MK Proyect
MK-Mugen 2.0
Mortal Kombat If you're good enough to defeat him, THIS version won't glitch out just to stop you from getting your victory.
Shao Kahn Kazmer13
Mugen Tomb
Mortal Kombat If you hated Shao Kahn in the days of Mortal Kombat, you're really going to hate him now, because he doesn't wait for you to be down to 10% life to activate that Fatality of his, he does it anywhere below half, and usually right as you're about to deliver his death blow.
Sheeva Team MK Proyect
MK-Mugen 2.0
Mortal Kombat Aside from the aesthetic concerns of the portraits, I really didn't notice much difference between this Sheeva and the one that came in MK3.
Shermie NeoGouki
KoF One of my favorite punching bags.
Shikyoh M@ppy
The Land of the Lost
The Last Blade This guy appeals to my psychotic side. Slashy, stabby, wiggle the sword around in your opponent's chest, lick the sword and laugh. He's as entertaining to watch as he is to kick your opponent's butt with.
Shin Gouki Synk
Street Fighter Gouki's own "second form."
Shnouzer Mature4evr
Eternal Anomaly
Battle Blaze An interesting were-dog character with some nice distance-moves mostly based on lightning. He's not designed for people who are just downloading characters to watch the computer play with them, he's designed to be used by a human (in other words, a human controlling him will beat characters the CPU doesn't beat using him). It comes with an MP3 (in the BGM folder) to use in whatever stage you put him in, but if you don't like that, you can always use this one hahaha.
Shuma Gorath Qkrtkf
Marvel Superheroes vs. Capcom A mass of tentacles surrounding one central eye, Shuma is an interdimensional villain who makes a nice addition to your Mugen game, especially if you like nonhumanoid characters (like Mars People for instance).
Sieger 3ha
? Big guy, easy to hit, easy to avoid, I kick his butt with weak Sakura variants just to piss him off.
Silver Samurai Juan Carlos
Eternal Mugen
Marvel Comics Maybe he could have beaten the Wolverine I had before, but the one currently occupying the Wolverine slot on my select screen leaves this guy in the dust. He does have some redeeming value, however, as Wolvie's pretty high in the pecking order. If you have the same Wolvie I do, put this guy an order number or two below him, and watch out for the teleports when you're fighting him.
Sindel Team MK Proyect
MK-Mugen 2.0
Mortal Kombat She's one of those characters that can shoot a fireball downward, and she has some limited flight ability, just like in MK3 and its "ultimate" version.
Slash Inverse
Waku Waku 7 Lightsabre! w00t! LOL...anyway, having tested this guy against Gouki Classic, I can tell you that Slash can take him, once he has his act together (or when Gouki's not pissed off cuz he lost the last fight to a guy dressed like that). Take advantage of his abusable, comboable sword--and jump over the Hadoukens, but not into Shoryuken range.
Smoke Team MK Proyect
MK-Mugen 2.0
Mortal Kombat The robot version of Smoke, complete with Stealth Mode, Spear (which is more of a grappling hook if you wanna be picky) and all that fun stuff.
Smoke Kazmer13
Mugen Tomb
MK He started out his career as a very fast Scorpion in a gray costume with smoke all over the place. In Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3 and Mortal Kombat Trilogy, he gained a life of his own, so to speak. Let's just ignore the weirdness of a Human and Cyber version existing simultaneously (and fighting each other). Now he's got his own identity, his own supers and he's out for revenge...or something.
Sonic Machine Ethan Lives
BMT: Brazil Mugen Team
Special Ops An interesting Guile edit, but he got beat by most of my high-tier characters (although he did beat up poor BB Hood). When he teleports, he stays gone for a few ticks, long enough for a screen-filling Super move to be off the screen. That's a plus, anyway.
Sonic the Hedgehog Kyo Kusanagi
Kyo's Combo Fever
Sonic the Hedgehog See my Knuckles review for this guy. At least Knuckles can glide and climb walls.
Sonya Team MK Proyect
MK-Mugen 2.0
Mortal Kombat Just a touch better than Shadowtak's (unless he's updated since I originally downloaded her).
Sonya Shadowtak
Shadowtak Mugen
UMK3 She seems to be able to take care of herself, even if her animations are a little stiff.
Spawn ER
Spawn Not bad, considering he doesn't have any Specials. He's all about the AI, baby.
Spider-Man Erradicator
Press Start
MvC Spider-Man, Spider-Man, does whatever a spider can...Sing with me! LOL anyway, see if you can unlock the Armored, Symbiote and Captain Universe modes. Comes with a Black Cat striker and an opening intro from the movie.
Spider-Man ThunderGod
VFX Mugen
Marvel A MvsC character adapted from his MSHvsSF version.
Spider-Girl Kain the Supreme
Marvel Long, tall, apparently CGI sprites (she's about as tall as the Mortal Kombat characters). She doesn't appear to be quite as flexible as her daddy, but she's an interesting addition to the cast anyway.
Spinal ?
Killer Instinct Spinal doesn't have a pic because the author couldn't get it to work. Keeps glitching on me, and his bones seem to have acquired some seaweed.
Spiral Luchini
Luchini Mugen
Marvel She does a lot of teleporting. You'll have to use an agile character to beat her (or one with an attack that fills up the screen).
Storm Mugensys
Marvel She's a beta release, so I wasn't expecting too much. I was expecting a little less than I got. Not bad for a beta.^_^
Strider Hiryu Shadow Watcher and Strider
MvC Having never played as Strider in Marvel vs. Capcom, I can't really give you a comparison. Every time I came up against him at the cabinet (unless he was in the hands of one of those guys who can play the whole game as Roll without even being hit) I tended to hand him his strider arse on a platter.
Stryker Team MK Proyect
MK-Mugen 2.0
Mortal Kombat Stryker lives up to everything we've come to expect from New York cops. I swear I saw him try to plant a gun on War Machine... (kidding)
Sub-Zero Team MK Proyect
MK-Mugen 2.0
Mortal Kombat He really likes that Ice Clone, but sometimes there's a glitch and the clone doesn't take on the "ice" pallette. Whoops.
Subzero Kazmer
Mugen Tomb
MK He's sort of a combination of "Classic Sub-Zero" and regular Sub-Zero from Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3. Talk about your cool customers.
Sub-Zero binho
Mortal Kombat/original Hey, Toon Sub-Zero! It's so cool because this guy doesn't stick out like a sore thumb on all the other Mugen stages, and vs. all the other Mugen characters. He's a WinMugen character, which means if you want to use him in Dos Mugen you have to go through his CNS file and put a ";" in front of all the lines that have "inguarddist" in them.
Super Luigi ?
Super Mario Brothers He plays like a tall version of Super Mario, but Mario's AI kicks more booty.
Superboy Erradicator
DC Okay, I once advocated ripping the sprites from Death and Return of Superman to get Superman's sprites, but having seen Superboy's sprites, I think we simply need to find another game with flying characters. The Metropolis Kid looks a lot like the Killer Instinct characters (except for B. Orchid, whose new look suits her and helps her fit in with other Mugen characters). I tried Link against him, but the instant a bomb went off, Superboy glitched and went off the top of the screen, never to return. So, be careful about any attacks that send him flying off the screen if you're fighting against him.

P.S. the only reason I have "Request" by Superboy is because his picture on Erradicator's site, Press Start, is not currently a link.

Superman Hannibal
DC I know there aren't a lot of flying characters in Mugen, but you'd think they could come up with a better model than Magneto. Look out, he's going to give us a Kryptonian hug!! RUN!</sarcasm>
Super Mario ShinRyoga and NeOaNkH
City Shadow
Super Mario Brothers The moves don't seem to be any different than Luigi's, so I'm guessing it's just the AI that makes him such a beast. This little plumber can fight!
Super Sonic SSJx4 Sonic (I think)
Final Flash Extreme
Sonic the Hedgehog Interesting, this char has some of the fighting sprites inserted, such as a punch (with a really big fist, might I add). Unlike the other STH characters, this guy has the lifebar instead of the "rings" meter.
T_Ninja gus01
Mugen Chi
TMNT This is apparently all four Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles in one character. He certainly uses all four Turtles' weapons (and with consummate skill I might add).
Taffy EX Shadowtak
Shadowtak Mugen
Clayfighter After kicking some serious clay in Clayfighter, Taffy emerges from the circus to pound some flesh. Okay, not really, I always preferred Blob myself, and Taffy never presented much of a challenge for me when I played the game. Anyway, this version is pretty faithful, right down to the duck with a balloon announcing the round number.
Tai Cheetah Dr. M
Brutal: Paws of Fury - Remix
Brutal: Paws of Fury He's a fast character with easy combos and excellent technique, but he takes more damage than others of the Brutal clan.
Tails the Fox Kyo Kusanagi
Kyo's Combo Fever
Sonic the Hedgehog 2 I believe he can fly...Well, that's about all he's got going for him is flying with those tails. See the Knuckles review.
Talon Lord Sinistro
Cyberbit Mugen
Primal Rage An awesome adaptation of the raptor from Primal Rage. Talon conquers!
Team Megaman Ribeiro
Megaman You have the option to switch between three characters: Megaman, Protoman and Bass. They're all basically the same, so just choose whichever one you "like." Even though they're tiny, you can win with them. Here's how: Stand far away from your opponent and shoot rapidly, chipping away your opponent's life like a really small jackhammer. None of these characters has an attack other than the gun, so getting close to your opponent is just stupid. The 'puter does it anyway though. Go fig.
Tekkaman Dagger Mugant
Teknoman/Tekkaman Blade It's actually two characters in one. Normal Tekkaman Dagger is nothing to write home about, but installing the separate "Nightmare Mode" Dagger ("dagger/nmdagger.def") results in an insane killing machine who takes down just about everybody (except perhaps Psycho Shredder). What's the secret to Nightmare Dagger's success? Two things that I'm aware of: #1, he takes less damage per attack than even the other boss characters, and #2, throwing projectiles at him actually INCREASES his life. Sounds to me like someone's tired of fireball-throwing characters getting all the glory.
Terry Bogard 99 Bagaliao
Kof A fun character who doesn't rely heavily on fireballs.
Testament Aoao
? Undead chica with a big scythe and an elderly ghost helper who remains invisible until the battle is over, but you can see the glowing weapon he carries.
Vanessa Deuce
Deuce Mugen
KoF Here's someone I wouldn't mind having 2 or 3 versions of. Seriously Oh, yeah, she's also a pretty good fighter, with a boxing style. Some versions might have some kind of an armor mode, but this one doesn't.
Vash the Stampede Drowin
Trigun Don't be disappointed when you see his hand-drawn sprites. He may not look as good as SNK characters, but he's fast on the draw and he's got some friends with him too. Some of his Supers can be kind of scary. For an added tidbit of reality, you have to reload the gun when you run out of bullets.
Vegeta EmuBoarding
DBZ Except for some of the weaker Sakura variants, all my Shotos unleash some major pwnage against this guy.
Venom Juan Carlos
eternal champions
MvC This character reminded me of why I played him instead of Spider-Man back when there was an arcade with MvsC within forty miles of me.
Vertigo Lord Sinistro
Cyberbit Mugen
Primal Rage This is the female of Primal Rage. I know, I can't tell either, but she's listed as such in her profile (if you play the actual game or its emulations). Having beaten the thing on a dollar's worth of quarters, I can safely say I know a thing or two about Primal Rage (I used Chaos and Talon, by the way).
Vice (CVS) Warusaki3
KoF I hope you like 'em feisty, because Vice gets all over you like white on rice. She pwnz the shxt out of M. Bison.
Wakko Sayajin_3, Ricardo Siglio FATEC
Animaniacs Speak softly, and carry a REALLY BIG HAMMER. Uh, the laser doesn't hurt either. A novel character, to say the least.
Wario Warner
Super Wario Land He's an interesting character, but not powerful enough to make up for his big-and-slow syndrome.
War Machine War Machine
Marvel I must have missed the part where War Machine was an Avenger. I thought that was Iron Man. Oh, well, combo away and take advantage of all the Avenger strikers anyway.
Whip Hh
KoF An average character who could have made better use of her whip, but better than some I've seen. Better than some here on this list.
Wolverine Sander7113
Marvel Adamantium pwnage, bizatch
Wonderwoman Erradicator
Press Start
DC She's got a projectile reflect move and a "targeting" system that shows where the other character is when Super Jumping. She can fly, and she's got that Lasso of Truth thing. I really like the targeting. It's one aspect of the vs. series that didn't make it into Mugen, and I miss it. One of the things she got in her recent upgrades is a much better-looking set of sprites, some pallettes (including a She-Hulk pallette for some reason). There's now the distraction factor of jiggly boobs to contend with when you fight her.
Yagumo Mattasaur
Riot of the Blood Rehabilitation Center
Kabuki Klash She uses her fans in a different manner than Kitana, but nonetheless effective. If she needs any help, she has the aid of 3 striker-based Supers: A tiger, a dragon and a big fat guy.
Yoh Asakura JomJom
Shaman King M
Shaman King Yay, sword! Sux that the power-up move depletes his life, though, as it puts him at a disadvantage to every other dang Mugen character on this list, with the exception of Len Tao. Yoh and Len have special intros for when they face each other in battle. On a more amusing note, Yoh likes bouncing people off the back of the screen.
Yoshi MugenYoshi14
MugenYoshi's site
Super Mario World It's a beta version of a Super Smash Bros. character. I should certainly hope the next version is better. I use him as a punching bag, kick the crap out of the little dino dodo.
Yuka Takeuchi Nyan Kiryu
? A 4-button character with a fireball, Shoryuken-clone and a sliding kick, and Super versions of each. Perhaps you could use her as an alternative to Sakura, since she throws her fireballs differently (I know some players are a little tired of Shotos).
Yuki Third
The Last Blade This Yuki makes the one made by Amago (the version I had previously) look like a 25% WIP. Seriously, if you have Amago's, put this Yuki in her place.
Yuki Lord Sinistro
Cyberbit Mugen
? Totally different Yuki than above. Not sure what game this Yuki came from, but she's got a veritable Amazon Horde of strikers to help her out. Some sprites may not be appropriate for younger players. Seriously, one of the strikers does a mammary-tornado attack or something.
Yumeji Taruse and Nyan Kiryu
Samurai Shodown A swordswoman who turns into other characters from Samurai Shodown during certain moves, like Shang Tsung or Mugena.
Yuri (CVS) pji111 and zamtong
Conversion World
CvS Whichever one programmed the AI really makes her seem like a scrappy kid with a bright future ahead of her. She's fun no matter which side of the battle you're on. Oh...don't just do the Hip Attack over and over again, unless you're under 18 and it's okay for you to be lusting after teens.
Yusuke Yurameshi Pockefreeman
Yu Yu Hakusho I tried him out against Glacius and liked him. I'd heard horror stories about how he looked from other people in the Mugen community. Either I've got no sense of aesthetics or this is a different Yusuke than the ones everyone's complaining about. Go ahead and try him.
Zero (SvC) N64Mario
MegaMan X Zero's cool all by himself, but the two bonus grooves, "Neo Zero" (where he has a dark suit and shades like Neo from The Matrix and teleports using green particles) and "Serious Zero" (where he gets to perform a finishing move on his opponent before winning the match) are icing on the cake.
Zero Diego Sanches
BMT - Brazil Mugen Team
MegaMan X Uh...Pocket Zero? No, not one of those Super Gem Fighter pocket-fighters, but short enough to be one. Short enough to walk under some characters' projectiles, even.
Zexx ss5ace
Ace's site
Original I think he's an Adon mod or something. Not bad for a beta release.
Zygrowl Lord Sinistro
Cyberbit Mugen
? I have no idea where Zygrowl came from, but you know how I like nontraditional fighters by now, right? This guy looks like some kind of bug, or something. I dunno.