Beautiful Illusions

Long satin lines follow pale shapes
soft curves with angelic shimmer
various shades of skin
soft graze of and there
fingers streaming across the shimmering layer
long, against the backdrop
loosened by your malted liqour
words melt upon flesh
soft tingle, risen goosebumps
stretch of lines
painted surfaces against your tinge of pink
art in fragments, here, there
your fallen shadow
breathelessly fading into my silent memory
pressed firm against the clasp of you
sweet wind kissing hidden places

In the crook of your arm

I wish i was the size of a timble
so i could rest comfortbly in the crook of your arm
I would play along your jungle of hair
and sit atop your nose as you draw
I'd kiss your eyelids as you drifted to sleep
and crawl ever so easily into your shirt pocket when
you travel
I wish i was the size of a thimble
for you'd keep me safe from harm
you tiny dancing lover
place softly in the crook of your arm.

You move me to utter silence
with your falling locks of amber
and your firey smile
pressed to me like a milking baby
in your soft down of naked skin

And the angels cry
of absolution
of faith lost
at your satin feet
for I hear no tolling of a bell
when you hold me breathlessly

*********** Ecstasy
There's a certain heat
Under these dancing feet
That lifts
Through the ages
We drift in and out
Of the eternal light
Ever reaching
That goal you have shown to us
The fleeting careless struggles
Of life we have come to know
Is ever so far away
At this very moment
Transcending into light
Itís like floating
On the crystal clear waters
Of enlightenment
And I can feel the entire world
I can feel it within my chest
Beating in my lungs
In my heart
In my brain
For that distant primal march
We have buried in our souls
Thereís the dance
The rhythm
The transformation of soul
The cosmic disturbance of life
And the ever flowing energy of you
And me
Lust filled sorrows
Childish love
Sweat dripping off our skin
Like two lovers
Entwined at the legs

I love you so fiercely, it takes my breath away
And it never fails to astonish me
That such entwined words could roll
So gracefully from such an empty soul
You fill the blank spaces between my faulted lines
Your soul passes right through mine
So we can silently whisper
Eye to eye
In the darkest of nights
I love you so fiercely, it takes my breath away.