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Trust is only given to children and your latest victim as their blood hits your shoe.

Given Nic Name: Night Myst

Weapon(s) of choice: Smith and Wesson Nickel plated 9MM with hollow point shells 
A simple chain equipped with razors.

Age: 24

Alkido was a victim of a tragic life. 
Raised by her father she was a victim of many forms
of abuse. At the age of 18 she was raped by her 
parental unit, in a fit of rage she killed him.
After experiencing the rush of taking another
life she found herself digging her way into
contract killing. Her reputation became a highly
respected one. It seems that every relationship
this girl had been involved in turned to poison 
quickly. The last man she was engaged to took
advantage of the girls trust and took upon
the opportunity to fit other women into his
life. Al found out when she returned home
from her "honest" work as a teller to find
him in her bed with her best friend.
Becoming a tad bit trigger happy, she killed them
both and staged her own death. Now she works
underground with what work she can find, putting
no trust into other, only in herself.

 If you could possibly gain my trust you may find yourself looking down the barrel of my best friend. 

 "If she left any survivors....She'd have a fearsome repuatation"