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Dave's Scandalously ScAnDaLoUs Webpage

Dave's Songs of the Moment

Hey guys! Thanks for comin to my webpage. This is all so new to me, so bear with me, it will be updated often.

As you can see, I'm Dave. I'm a 20 year old college student at Pennsylvania College of Technology in Williamsport, PA. I'm currently in my 4th semester, majoring in Culinary Arts and will be graduating in December 2003.

Summer is coming up close, and along with that comes HersheyPark, the return of Justin, a weekend in Ocean City, and FUN FUN FUN! :)

I've really getting into this drag thing, and I'm pulling almost all my friends down with me. Mel and Sara seemed to have fun, Steph was the one who got me into it all, and of course all my gay friends, except for the stupid, closed-minded ones, enjoy it.

Aight, that's it for now. Let me know if you have anything else you want me to add. :)

Shakira is my long distance girlfriend just so everyone knows. :)

And apperently Mel is pretty much my wife, according to the other students and teachers.



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