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YoOh DoN'T kNoE mEeH

uNDeR CoNStruCTioN

../tHouGhTs\.. {SePT. 16th 2002 }

hello.. again.. yeah! i'm bored.. i'm in skewl.. no.. its not lunch! im in my intro to engineering design class.. i finished my crap.. so its like.. yeah.. we could do whatever.. i would be listening to my music.. but we haven't "earned" our privilage! which sux.. of course.. anyway.. its been long.. again! i should empty out some of the ealier crap.. because its gettin really long.. and i dont' wanna do a day my day payge thing.. that would juss be sad! lol.. to much space used.. i needa make my site better.. this is gettin kinda old.. i wanna get photoshop.. like jesslyn! thats kewl.. yooh can make kewl stuff yo! lol.. anyway.. imma go! imma juss like chill and listen to my cd player and be quiet about it! cuz i'm kewl like that.. lol! {liar} whatever... LaTeR

../tHouGhTs\.. {SePT. 11th 2002 }

GOD BLESS AMERICA! this day really sucked for me..

../tHouGhTs\.. {SePT. 6th 2002 }

wow.. its been a while since i've written my thoughts! but whatever.. i guess i've been to lazy to do anything really.. my grades aren't so great.. its kinda makin me mad! but i'm new.. and i still needa get to knoe some stuff.. yooh can't expect me to juss knoe everything.. i'm dumb! but whatever.. i'm kinda bored right now.. kinda sad too! cuz like yesterday.. when i talked to a special person.. they were sad.. really sad! and it hurt me!! i wanted to stay on the phone.. but i couldn't.. i juss called to say good night! man.. when i read that.. it sounds like i'm in love or sumthin.. but naa.. that ain't it! that sure as hell ain't it.. i think i'm in.. hmm.. luv! see.. thats hella different from love.. haha! but seriously.. i can't let myself fall in love.. kinda hard to explain! and i don't feel like it right now.. i'm at skewl! and i think my lunch is almost done! yeah.. i'm one of those nerds who sits in the library during lunch.. talk about a loner! i don't have many friends here.. yesterday though.. i did get to hang out with this one doode during lunch.. instead of in the library! hes kewl.. and nice.. he reminds me of seth green.. well, he reminds me of my freand steven balocki who reminded me of seth! so.. all in all.. he reminds me of seth! seth's hot.. the doode.. hes cute i guess.. really shy-ish! oh doode.. i met like this doode that raves today.. well, he used to! but.. hes can like do the liquid.. and all that other kewl-ness! haha.. but yeah.. imma go now.. my neck hurts! i needa massage.. lol! whatever.. imma go.. HoLLa.. E.I.

../tHouGhTs\.. {SePT. 1st 2002 }

HeY.. uHhH.. YeaH.. CaN'T sTaY LoNG.. i HafTa gO tO ChurCh.. wiTH HeR! YeaH.. i'M ReLiGiOUs.. nooO.. i'M NoT GotHiC! i TaLkeD tO a FrieND wHo SaiD i wAs aCTiN aLL GotHiC oN HeRe.. BuT wHat i SaY iS TruE.. PeEpS thiNk i'M HaPPy.. BuT i'M NoT aLwayS FeELiN sO GreaT.. BuT i StiLL PuT oN a sHoW FoR eVerYoNe.. tHaTs wHy i TrY tO bE sOoo FuNNy.. tO MaKe PeEpS LaFf.. i HopE iT WoRkS! BuT YeaH.. i'M NoT GoThiC.. LoL! BuT i HaVe ToLd mY MoM tHaT iF i dO.. Go GotHiC.. iT'LL bEe HeR FauLT! sO YeA.. weLL, i HaFTa GeT GoiNG.. anD i HaFta Get HoMe WoRk DoNe.. SeRiouSLy! sO.. LaTeR

../tHouGhTs\.. {AuG. 31st 2002 }

my day hasn't even really started.. nothing really happened.. i feel crappy! lyke always.. but anyways.. no drama! ha.. yeah.. i've been watching the VMA's.. kinda funny! me and my mom have been online since about 9 this morning.. we hafta pay to dial out.. so shes like.. lets juss keep it on! thats kewl.. but whatever.. every lil thing shes does juss makes me want to hurt her.. really badly! i think i hafta go get ready.. shes juss getting outta the shower.. i already showered.. i juss gotta get my clothes on.. NO!! i am not nakey.. pervert.. i'm in like house clothes.. but yeah.. i'm gunna go get ready! i hafta get some stuff for skewl.. i have two freakin reports due.. in about 5 days.. and i haven't started them! bummer.. but oh well.. i'll juss fail! but yeah.. i seriously hafta go.. so bye!

../tHouGhTs\.. { AuG. 30th 2002 }

today is a happy day for me.. we finally got our house.. which means I wonít be switching skewls again, and that I can keep trying to make friends. Even though I donít knoe many people, I am happy. Today I also chilled with this doode named daniel, he reminds me of seth green kinda.. so I call him seth.. he had some laughing gas while in biology.. so he was quite the happy camper in algerbra II which was fun for me! Even though I am disappointed that I had to have biology last year.. I could have had laughing gas.. nitrous oxide.. kewl stuff might I say! Personal experience? Yes.. we all have our past stories right? But yooh donít knoe me.. not at all.. you think Iím a druggie now? No way.. not me.. Iíve seen druggies.. associated and befriended them as well.. I knoe what they are like.. and Iím not one of them. Iím writing this even before I make my web site. Why yooh ask? Boredom.. yooh donít knoe though.. I bet yooh think I have no life! Am I right? Ha.. pleaz.. donít make me laugh.. my life is one big huge Monet. Its literally a mess.. but to some.. its entertainment. Yea.. I knoe of one person who saw joy in my agony. Iím not gunna rat that person out now.. no point. Its over and done with.. I have no use of telling the world.. besides I also want to tell yooh this person broke my heart.. yeah.. me.. I was actually in love.. yeah. Canít believe it myself.. but I do have the balls to admit it.. this is why I donít wanna tell yooh who it was.. I canít believe I let myself fall so far into the blur. I was so a young child.. I wanted to fall in love.. thanx to all those happy sappy love movies.. donít fall for it.. unless yooh are like everyone else.. [excluding me] and actually have a soulmate.. I hafta go.. Iíll be back later! [about 2 hours later] yeah.. Iím back.. miss me? Ha.. pleaz.. I wish.. seriously.. I do! But whatever.. my night has ended so abruptly.. and its disappointing. Yooh knoe the house we got.. yea? Well.. just to let yooh knoe it was originally planned that I get the basement for myself.. but then I pissed off my mom.. so she took that away from me.. even before we had the freakin house! So yeah.. I hated her.. so Iím like umm.. okay I guess Iíll have to get a room! And shes been telling me that shes thinking about renting out the basement to someone.. and she freakin has balls to ask me what I think?! What the hell? But whatever.. I just tell her shes asking the wrong person, considering I want the basement. So when we went to the house tonight (my idea totally) I go upstairs and decide which room will be mine.. Iím satisfied with it.. sure.. itís a nice sized room.. but Iím still pissed that I canít get the basement.. so Iím like okay this is my room! When she comes in to look at the room she sees that I have two closets.. big freakin whoop.. she has a walk-in closet! But then shes like I might need that.. and Iím like no way.. its my room.. and Iím like I always hated when yooh would put all the blankets and crap in my room! And then she freakin goes and says.. oooh.. I should put the blankets in yoor room! I told her that was unfair.. and she said okay which side yooh gunna use.. I said both.. and then she was all yelling.. yooh canít be greedy! What the hell? We have another bedroom she can use to put crap in.. but nooooo! She has to use that for the guest room.. we donít have any furniture for a freakin guest room.. whatever! I guess Iím the one to blame.. always is me! Kinda sad.. I already have a low self-esteem.. no real friends out here.. I need to get away from her! I need to get my permit so I can go places away from her.. but I have to wait for my mom to get our other car over here.. but then she wonít let me use that because she doesnít wanna use our other one. I get so annoyed by my mother.. beyond words! I need to get away.. I need to go to Cali.. SVHS.. be a Trojan.. (donít ask if yooh donít knoe).. Iím going to go now.. this is way to long.. beyond words.. yeah.. so bye..