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YoOh DoN'T kNoE mEeH

uNDeR CoNstRuCtioN..
YoOh DoN'T kNoE mEeH!

]*[ PiCTuReZ ]*[

tHesE aRe tHe PeoPLe wHo MeaN sOo MuCh tO mEeH BuT DoN't ReaLiZe iT.. JuSs BeiNG tHeRe tO SaY Hi.. oR LiSteN tO mY DuMb-ReTaRDeD JoKes.. i CoNSiDeR tHeM mY FrieNDz.. CuZ eVeN tHouGH theY maY bE LieiN tO mEe.. tHeY TeLL mEe tHey GoT mY BaCk.. HeY- iTs tHe thouGhT tHaT CouNtS RiGht?

|>|dA DowN aSs ChiCkS |<|

whenever i saw yooh.. jealousy filled my body.. i wanted to be like yooh! beautiful.. charming.. and not snotty! one day yooh said to me.. don't ever change.. i didn't knoe what yooh meant! yooh said yooh luvd me.. and then all the jealousy left my heart.. and my eyes filled up with tears.. i don't wanna be like yooh anymore! cuz i realized if i was like yooh.. yooh wouldn't luv me anymore..

|<| aLL mY PiMPs |>|

whenever some boy hurt me.. or made my feel bad.. yooh hugged me! i told yooh i was a bad person.. and for yooh to stay away, because yooh are too good to me! the next day yooh came to my door.. smiled.. and my heart exploded! i knew that yooh luvd me.. and i luv yooh too! so pleaz don't ever leave me.. and i won't leave yooh..