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The killer in me is the killer in you

After a long tedious day you take a long hot shower, then crawl into bed kill the lights and drift in and out of conciousness. Now you find yourself peering into a vast obyss of fog {this web site} And through the fog you see a figure walking towards you. With every step it gets closer, and the figure starts to take more shape little by little. It's arms crossed, its hair going in all directions. Closer and closer it comes a few more steps and you'll be able to see who it is. You squint your eyes and as you do the figure vanishes into thin air. Out of the fog you hear an ominous laughter. You spin around your eyes still squinted trying to see where the figure disappeared to. Out of no where you feel something ram into your bare feet, you jump back and look down, to see a toy car sitting at your toes. You bend down to pick it and just as you go to grab the toy car it races between your feet, you stand straight up again and spin around to watch where this lil car is going, and as you spin around you bump into a person, instantly your peering into empty emotionless eyes, and in seconds your filled with fear at the sight of this person. It smiles at you but still with no emoiton in its eyes, and with a high pitched scratchy voice, it whispers "Boo". As the words bounce of your eyedrums you feel your skin tinkle and your frozen in fear, but at the same time you feel laughter fill you heart and lungs. Before you stands a clown , green hair going in all directions a big red nose, make-up caked on his face, purple pants with pink poka-dots big floppy red shoes and locked in a straight jacket. Still stareing into those eyes you feel your feet getting wet, fearing you've just pissed yourself, you look down in embarrasment.
"OOOOOOPS, Sorry i couldnt hold it any more the clown mummbles in that same high pitched scratchy voice".

"Who are you, where am I, Howed I get here" you studer

"Well first off I'm Sweet, second Your in your dreams, and as for how you got here you obviously fell asleep"

"well if i'm in My dreams, who the hell did you get here" you ask

"Well I invaded them, you were dreaming of being butterflies and teddy-bears, candy canes and gum-drops, and well i couldnt take it anymore so i took over, and now we're here, welcome to my world. Feel free to explore" he explains

"Explore??? Explore what theres nothing here!!!" you scream

"Just because you see nothing doesn't mean there IS nothing to see"

And with that the clown jumps up in the as only a clown can do , and runs off into the fogg laughing, and evently vanishs way .