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These are the twinz...well not really but this is what they look like with out the fact that they are animated and the flames and the names saying angel,lil devil, ect...well u get the point

Here goes lisa one of the twinz.... sorta

This is gina (the other twin) with her man Andre


You 2 helped me w/ this website so im givin u a special page.. so u can feel special.... yea okay. Its fun hanging out w/ ya'll cuz we act like complete idiots together and its fun 2 act drunk and high and whatever else you can do 2 make you look like you dunno whuts goin on... u guyz have the best parties thts 4 damn sure. you guyz alwayzs got them hott ass high skool boyz up in there who actually dance unlike them white boyz(except 4 J he sorta knowz whut hez doin.)I met u kno who thru u guyz and i'm still crazy in love. Gina I hope u stay w/ Andre 4 a long tyme hes a sweet boi and you do deserve bettr than chino bcuz he jus scares boyz away frm u and doesn't ask u out he is such a playa and dork. Lisa I hope u get w/ Justo and if not screw him it'd b 2 hard 2 bend ovr jus 2 kiss him mayb when he growz a lil ya'll will hook up who knowz.. mayb even J will ask u out(by the way does he still owe u the $40 he stole)**jerk** sry but i just dunt like tht boi tht much he's jus 2 white 2 b dominican.. newayz hope u like ur page it took me 5 minutes 2 make cuz thts all ur worth 2 me j/k ur atleast worth 6 minutes... lol Luv ya like a sis or a cuzin (u pick)