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*4 U*

  • I've got a crush on U,
  • I've had one since the day I met U,
  • I've known U a lil less than a year,
  • and the thought of us together,
  • only brings me tears,
  • because I know it will take a life time,
  • For U to finally see,
  • How much you really mean to ME

  • wouldn't life be * w o n d e r f u l * if sweatpants were sexy monday mornings were fun - if junk food had no calories all kisses were magical - life was always worth living for and [ [ * love never hurt anyone * ] ]

  • it aint about the ones who stay true to ur face -its about the few who [ [ ReMaiN ] ] true behind ur back-

  • i cant just sit here and smile anymore knowing my heart is crying : sometimes people may look like nothing could be any better but really deep inside _ NoThiNg _ CouLd _ Be _ AnY _ WoRsE _

  • the more i talk to you the more i realize what you truly mean to me

  • even tho ive been hurt i remain - sTrOnG - mE hAvE rEgReTz? ya dead rong cuz u gotta take chancez ur [ w h o l e l i f e l o n g ]

  • ppl ask me wut i see in him... but if i t0ld them...they would fall in love wid him to0 <3

  • you have no idea how much you've changed me you gave me reasons to smile, thoughts to think, kisses to dream about, but most of all you gave me memories to never forget

  • nO mAtTeR hOw mAnY gErLz lOoK iNtO yOuR eYeS tHeY wiLl nEvEr SeE wHaT i sEe <3

  • i dOnt walk arOund trYing tO be whAt im nOt i dont waSte my time trying tO get what i gOt i wOrk at pleaSingg me...nOt satisfying yOuU thatS wHy i dO exactly whaT i wanna dOo

  • A ti mi Amor yo queria decirte q' te quiero con todo mi corazon q' es mucho lo q' sufro q' es mucho lo q' lloro q' ya no puedo mas q' al grito q' te imploro te imploro y te hablo en nombre de ultima ilusion yo quiero q' tu sepas q' hace muchos dias estoy enferma y palida de tanto no dormir q' ya se han muerto todas las esperanzas mias te admiro tanto peinso solo en la dulsura de tus labios en tu piel suave como la seda y en tus dos hermosos ojos q' alumbrar mi existir confieso q' tus besos jamas han de ser mios confieso q' tus ojos no me han do ver jamas pero te amo y en mis locos y profundos pensamientos hadoro tus sevios y en ves de amarte menos y menos te amo mucho....MAS

    *i will still be loving you*

  • :+: i cant describe diz love i have 4 u :+:
  • :+: da only thing i kno iz dat itz tru :+:
  • :+: n when da sun goez away :+:
  • :+: u brighten up da rest of muh day :+:
  • :+: i cant describle da way i feel :+:
  • :+: my heart tellz me dat diz love iz real :+:
  • :+: u know that when all muh dayz n nitez are thru :+:
  • :+: i will still be loving you :+:
  • .·:*i love you*:·.

    la ternura de tu mano al tomar la mia. El delicioso calor de tu alietno en mi cuello cuando me abrazas. La pasion de tus besos que me hacen vibrar... Cada vez que me tocas, encuentro nuevos motivos para nuevamente enamorarme de ti.

  • **English 4 da gringos: The gentleness of your hand wrapped around mine. The soft whisper of your breath against my neck when you hold me. The passion in your kisses that excites me...Every time you touch me, I find another reason to fall in luv with you all over again**

    I mAy NoT gEt tO seE YoU aS MuCh As I LikE,I mAy nOT geT to hOld yoU iN mY ArMz EvErYnIgHt,BuT DEeP DoWn In My HeArt, I kNow Its TrUe,No MaTtEr WhAt I wiLl AlWaYs hAvE LoVe FoR YoU

    If Your asking if I Need You the answer is forever.. If Your askin if I'll Leave You the answer is Never..If Your askin what I value the Answer is You. if Your askin if I Love You the answer is I do

    its hard to find sum 1 dat fits wut chu look for its hard to like dat person its hard to have him like u bak its hard to accept the fact that he's the only person u want to be wit its hard to fall in luv wit him without being scared to get hurt its hard to be with him its hard to forgive him when he did u wrong .......but the hardest thing is to let that person go

    You will never know true happiness until you have truly loved, and you will never understand what pain really is until you have lost it.

    You don't love a woman because she's beautiful, She is beautiful because you love her.

    No te enamores del amor, Enamórate de alguien que te ame, que te espere, que te comprenda aún en la locura; de alguien que te ayude, que te guíe, que sea tu apoyo, tu esperanza, tu todo. Enamórate de alguien que no te traicione, que sea fiel, que sueñe contigo, que sólo piense en ti, en tu rostro, en tu delicadeza, en tu espíritu y no en tu cuerpo ni en tus bienes. Enamórate de alguien que te espere hasta el final, de alguien que sea lo que tú no elijas, lo que no esperes. Enamórate de alguien que sufra contigo, que ría junto a ti, que seque tus lágrimas, que te abrigue cuando sea necesario, que se alegre con tus alegrías y que te dé fuerzas después de un fracaso.

    i d0nt kno wat it iz b0uT daT ºbAd bOyº stYlE bUt It DrIvEs Me WiLd..and makes me smile eVerYtime I sEe Da BaNgGin niGGa wiT dat mysterious loOk in HiZ eYeZ bUt damn BabY banGGin stYle- BanGGin v0iCe- banGGin b0Dy- an BanGGin aTTituDe -wiT dat SexXy lOok In Ur Eyez-an u liCkin uR lipS- DaMn uR bAd bOy sTyLe jUs driVes me s0o WiLd an MaKeZ me sMiLe whEn I sEe u**

    iTs aLL aBoUt Us AnD tHe tHiNgS tHaT wE dO..So HeLL WiTh NeLLy hE cAn bE # 2