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Sry Ana no lil animation 4 u ur 2 ugly j/p ur the sexy mexican!!! Hey I've known u since guys 7th grade I think... hmmm.... Maybe 8th... well w/e I luv u guys ur mad tight and crazy as hell u don't even gotta b high u just got this natural high that rubs off on me.. LOL especially Melissa u r always smilin u in skool smilin and u actin like a dumb ass makes me laugh.... Ana I'm sorry for what mike did to your father's friend but i believe in karma and i know he'll get his I hope he rots in jail... and his friends too! Dumbasses if they get out shit... anywayz let me not get into that well i wish you the best of luck with nick and when ya'll get married and u start poppin out them kidz i wanna b da brides maid!! as for da kid makin process & da whole poppin out thing y'all can deal w/ dat w/ eachother i love you both but my love can only go so far.. lol Nallely ur all athletic and shit i hope u get scholarships on dat cuz i know im sure as hell aint WHATEVA I DO WHAT I WANT LOL Cartman is the best lol thts 4 melissa 2 no me tocas!! and lil mexican good luck dealin with u ukno whut and u kno who i hope this whole thing blows over... and if u need me mama u kno im here if u needa hide out... wellz Cya @ school ~peace~