BlAkE AkA YoGuRt

Ur da whitest person I know but I still love u blake even though u cant pay for ur damn child support OoO well u kno I'm not a gold digger.. lol wow tht wasn't funny... shau aup u loser I love you lol OkAy(well u kno how i say it) I don't got much 2 say... I'm talkin 2 u on da phone rite now ur such a loser.... BIGGG BALLLS!! noo thts shawn u dont have a saying now do you.. u jus steel ppls shit lol thts ok i still love u... u kno ur my secret lover.. shh thou aint nobody can know about tht... lol I'm suprised LPA hasn't spread tht shit yet .. let see so far I've gotten w/ shawn(b4 it actually happened) cheated w/ u broke up w/ shawn.... u gotta love LPA and all der damn drama they always gotta have sum name in der damn mouth but if i gotta go here im sure as hell keepin yo ass with even thou u a loser n all i still got love for you yogurt lol tht was great I love mrs Davis well dats all i can right bout u ur not worth another word j/p ~LuV Ya~YoGuRt~ OoO and I put this song here so u can do the head twitch