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Hey mama u kno u my gurl shit i wouldn't type dis shit if u wasn't u kno how lazy i am lol well we still best friends thru it all and we've gotten thru all the shit my mom and the stupid boys we thought were important put us thru from da bus 2 now we've grown but we still tha ppl tht get raped and die and have ppl chilren and well u kno lol I love u gurl u crazy and got reel good styly dats why imma steal all ur shit lol shh dunt tell lol well this waz longer but tha stupid comp shut down and now im retypin dis shit and.. h/o break time.. ok well thts bout all i can type 4 2 day luv ya MUAH *sloppy kisses* lolz im not gay i swear...*wink* well good look w/ u kno who and we gotta stalk sum body like we used 2 do back den