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Courtney's Page

This is my little corner of the web, don't laugh, I know, its pathetic. I'm still learning. Yea, anyway, my name is Courtney Miller. I'm a freshie at Chanute High School. I dispise my class, they should all burn in a firey hell. I mostly hang out w/Sophmores and Juniors. Some of my bestfriends are Caitlin(Boobs) Shepard, Ashley(Ticklebunny) Tickle, Bobby(Booby) Burk, Bobbie Jordan, Adrienne(AJ) French, and Shawn Edwards.I spend a LOT of time on the computer cuz theres nothing to do here. I live w/my g-pa and mom. They're names aren't important cuz they suck. My cat is really pretty, but really stupid, her name is Bayhbe. I have a turtle, his name is herman. My house is small and badly coloured. Anyway, normally people usually tell what they're lik here. I don't think anyone wants to know what I'm like, I'm the kid you don't want your kid to be friends with. I'm the kid my mom doesn't want me to be friends with. But oh well. I like Classic rock, heavy metal, rock, punk rock, and anything thats loud and annoying. So basically I kinda listen to music that is like me. I get called a goth a lot at school, but I'm not. At school I'm fairly quiet (I'm simply examining my prey). And everyone thinks I'm the quiet kid in the back of the room that one day will finally just break from all the stress and go on a killing rampage. Which, is likely possible. I can be very shy when I want to be, but I can be very loud and annoying when I want. Basically all in all I'm just a big weird-o pretty much like most of my friends. Yea, well I think I feel Carpel Tunnel settling in my wrist so I'm done.

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