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Nunquam Lamiae Morde Me Dice

Welcome to Nunquam Lamiae Morde Me Dice, latin for 'Never say " Bite me " to a vampire',
a page dedicated to the vampire brothers from Hellsing, Luke and Yan Valentine.

While there aren't that much information about these two, there are still a bunch of pictures to share with all of you.
And I just won't believe that there are only two people who'd like to find some nice pics of these two loonies.

"Why the Valentine brothers, for the love of god?! They weren't that special or important or stuff! I mean, we have the ‹bermunch from Hell, and the Perky And Busty! What the heck we need the Valentines for?!"


I guess it's just the fact that I think they were great in the series - it is such a shame Hellsing wasn't longer than 13 episodes.

The world could've used some more Valentine brothers.

They were interesting. They had personalities, and I sure as hell think they were more interesting than Alexander Anderson.

Anderson was a loony, but in a very bad way. Anyway, I'm getting off-topic.

This is for the Valentine brothers, Luke and Yan.
The memory of Brotherhood will live on.


The picture gallery of Luke Valentine
The picture gallery of Yan Valentine