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Underground Babylon - Characters

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The owner of most of the clubs and bars in Babylon. He has the largest stock of "exotics" and normal Prostitutes in Babylon, and has nearly 34 dealers working for him around Babylon. If drugs are bought in Babylon, then they are most definatly his. He favors Emmy Albatou, a Lycanthrope Prostitute who works for him. He holds the ownership papers for Emmy, bought her when Lycanthropes were considered animals, therefore purchasable. Hes ruthless, cold, and powerfull.
Eye Colour: Brown
Hair Colour: Black-brown
Build: Muscular
Age: 27

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A beautifull mistake. A failed government experiment to create perfect clones, the experiment was cut short when the people they had "perfected" broke loose of contianment and escaped into the streets. There were only a half a dozen who made it outside, and it isnt known how many survived, but Angel is cirtainly one that did. She learned to live on the streets, but craves blood and is extreemly sensitive to light. She is a vampire, with hightened senses, and is extreemly powerfull.
Angel lived at night, feeding when she craved blood, and causing meyham when the hunger was sated. A few years after her escape, she met Emmy Albatou. Her only true friend, because lycanthrope blood is not to the taste of Vampires, therefore, Angel and Emmy could live together in harmony without worry of either being attacked. Angel moved in with Emmy, and started to deal drugs to make rent every month. Kenny grew fond enough of her to hire her as a bartender at Mavricks, the most popular of all the Underground's clubs and bars.
Eye Colour: Midnight blue
Hair Colour: Dyed Blonde
Build: Voloptuous, Petite.
Age: Beetween 17-22

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The property of Kenny, she is strong and dangerous, but as "tame" as a puppy. She was bought as a child as a gift for the teenage Kenny, he was 15 and she was 7 years old. Lycanthropes were considered "pets" then, but a law was passed to make them legal citizens six years later. The ones who had been bought prior to the laws creation, were not considered citizens and remained "pets" unless their owners felt like setting them free. Kenny did not feel like setting the 13 year old Emmy free, and she has been his for as long as she can remember. She was a prostitute at the age of 12, and has since become a favorite among the bondage freaks and such, because she has such a high tollerance for pain, and heals incredibly quickly. She loathes Kenny, but has an inate love for him at the same time. Her only true friend is Angel, who she lives with.
Eye Colour: Pale Blue
Hair Color: Brown
Build: Appears thin, Is in fact very muscular.
Age: 19

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Rave is a police officer, working undercover to get hard evidence on Kenny so they can put him in jail. Prefferably for a very long time. Not much information on Rave yet, he is commited to his job but it slowly breaking down with all the temptations of The Underground bombarding his senses. He is feircly attracted to the gorgeous Angel Ryerson, but is finding his feelings towards her conflicting. Its his job to find the people who deal the drugs and pimp the women, and she is a dealer. He knows he must send her to jail if he can manage to buy Mehodine from her or Kenny, but he doesnt want to because he is enamored with the beautiful Vampire.
Eye Colour: Greenish Blue
Hair Colour: Dyed Blue
Build: Muscular
Age: 22

More Info will be posted about Characters as they appear. Only if they are signifigant, will they be posted.