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Underground Babylon - Chapter 7

Rave nodded and headed through the crowd to the bar. Angel looked him square in the eye and asked, "What do you want?"

"Whatever you gave me before?" Rave said it as though it was a question, Angel raised her eyebrow and then mixed his drink.

"Heard your lookin for Mehodine."

Rave glanced at Angel suprized. "How the fuck did you hear that!?"

"Read your lips, reconized the word" Angel replied, she was already mixing a drink for anouther patron, and was no longer peering her beautiful eyes into his own.

"OH... yeah, the girl... Emmy, she said she'd try and help me out" He spoke over the roar of the music, he was leaning over the bar, trying not to yell.

Then Angels fingers were securly around his throat and she was bent over the bar, her hair hiding the fact that she was cutting of his air supply. She purred in his ear, her lips brushing it menacingly. "We'll get it for you, but you dont smell ivy-league enough. If your a cop, and you fuck my Emmy, or my boss, over, Ill kill you." Her tongue flicked out and he shivered as she licked his ear quickly and discretly.

She was standing with her back turned to him, mixing drinks again, before he had a chance to reply. He took his drink and turned around, searching the moving crowd for Emmy. His cheeks were flushed and his pants were uncomfortibly tight.

"E-Emmy," Rave stuttered a bit when he noticed her dancing.

He nearly dropped his drink when a very drunk, but happy, girl grabbed him and began hugging him saying "I luuv yo-u Edwawrd."

Emmy left her partner and grabbed the girls wrist, pulling her away forcefully. She girl returned a sneer but moved on.

"You look stressed hun - Angel didn't bite did she?" Emmy giggled steering him towards a door near the bar. "Nah, she did snarl a bit though," he replied loosening up "Where are we going?"

"A back room, I think you need to relax." she turned around when they reached the door, to stare him straight in the eye. A small smile played on her lips, and he swallowed the rest of his drink.

He knew he was not supposed to be doing this, orders from his boss, but he reasoned with himself Any guy who would refuse Emmy would obviously be there for more than entertainment, how can I say no?

With that conclusion, he reached around her and opened the door. The alcohol and set mind allowed him to interprit into the situation, so grabbing her ass and lifting her up to him, he walked into the room and shut the door.

She wrapped her hands around his neck, and her legs around his hips and smiled at his aggression. Leaning down, she ran her tongue from his earlobe to his collar bone and back up to his neck.

She found his jugular vein and sucked on the thin skin covering it. He gently squeezed her ass cheeks as he sat down on the couch in the dark room. It had been set up with a couch, bed and lava lamp. It was obviously used a lot. And for this specific reason.

An idea suddenly jumped into Rave's mind. "Are there cameras in here?"

Emmy smiled at this. Nobody else had been smart enough to think of that minor detail. "Well...we girls need certain protection if guys get out of hand."

Rave suddenly looked hesitant. "Don't worry," she added "They are turned off when I am in here. I don't need as much protection as the rest of the girls."

Before Rave could ask, Emmy began pulling his shirt open - with her teeth. Her hips were lightly swaying as she began to give him a lap dance. Her delicate hands roamed over his chest and she smiled as she noticed the tattoo below his left pec. "Tattoos, huh?" she asked stroking the small symbol.

"Ya well, when you're 19 you find certain body modifications quite addicting," he blushed

"You find other things quite addicting, as well, don't you?" she whispered in his ear, her breath tickling his conch. He shuddered a bit and gripped her hips.

"Only when they smell as good as you" He murmered as he leaned over and gently bit her well defined colarbone. She stroked the back of his neck, and moaned, but her thoughts were on Angel as she undressed him and licked his muscular body...