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Underground Babylon - Chapter 6

"Whoa!" Corbin cried, as Angel barged through the club. A look of rage written across the beautiful features. She had blood covering her hands and her hair was blown back from running.

She made her way to the bathroom, with Corbin following closely behind. The people in the club resumed dancing and drinking.

"What happened?" he asked calmly, but obviously concerned.

"Fucking cop knew I was a dealer, he was just fucking sitting there waiting!" she spat angrily, turning on the sink and scrubbing the blood off.

"You get rid of him?" Corbin asked lighting a cigarette, and handing her a brush for her hair.

"Like always." she sighed running the brush through her hair.

"Good, there is someone I want you to meet, he is with Emmy." Corbin said with a hand upon the small of Angel's back, steering her over to the chairs and couch in the VIP area, of Mavericks.

"Angel, I want you to meet Rave, his drinks are on the house." COrbin paused for a moment. "For tonight." His dark eyes glanced at Angel, and she caught the meaning. Corbinís first impression of Rave was good, but he wasnít about to trust the young man.

Angel looked him over critically then nodded "Sure," then walked back over to the bar. She grabbed a bottle of vodka and began mixing drinks.

"What's with her?" Rave asked to the beautiful brunette on his left.

"She is just not friendly to strangers," Emmy answered.

"Now, Rave, you told me you were interested in what I had to offer, as you can see, I have plenty of 'stock' tonight," Corbin interrupted sitting across from the couple. He smiled, proud of his 'stock'. Rave was dressed well, though casually, he smelled of money, and Kenny had only agreed to inviting him up to the VIP area after Emmy had wrapped her arms around his waist and discreetly determined that he had enough money to satisfy Corbin. She'd nodded, and Corbin had smiled at Rave. New money was good money, and Rave had given the impression that he was interested in buying more than Corbinís attention.

Rave looked around at the gorgeous women, surrounding the area. His dark blue eyes gazed over them then he said, "Maybe not that kind of stock, today, what have you got for - substances?"

"You'll have to take that up with Angel. Emmy will take care of you for now though, I have some business to attend to." Corbin responded coldly, he stood, his face impassive. Obviously Rave hadn't chosen the right time to mention the fact that he wasnít interested in buying companionship.

Emmy crossed her shapely legs, and leaned towards him. She kissed along the side of his neck, and bit at his earlobe. "Donít be worried, lovely." She murmured in his ear.

Rave watched as Corbin walked briskly away from the VIP area, and felt a twinge of nervousness, not the first of the night. He leaned back on the couch and put his arm around Emmys small shoulders, he'd gotten the impression that she and the other woman, Angel, were important to Corbin. Cozying up to them couldnít hurt the situation any.

"Hereís your drink" Angel called over the music as she handed him a glass filled with a dark liquid.

He flashed her a dazzling smile, and thanked her. Then she was gone, her sculpted back disappearing into the crowd.

Emmy stood, and he got a good look at her. She wasnít as exotic as Angel, but he could feel something. They both felt like power, and he didnít quite understand it. It made the hairs on the back of his neck stand up.

They also had accents, and he couldnít tell where they originated. They both spoke with breathy voices, but like their tongues were heavy in the back of their mouths. It sounded odd, but intriguing, and he certainly was aroused at the feel of Emmys hand running down his arm to grip his hand and pull him to his feet.

He realized, as she led him out into the sea of bodies, that the rumors about Mavericks were true. Not only was it hard to find, but also intoxicating once you were inside. The women were sheer beauty, and the men all muscle bound and bronzed. It lived up to Babylonís name; it was a place of sensual desire.

The rhythm of the music pounded over him, and he thought he might pass out. The drink he was sipping was pure, something potent mixed in with the alcohol. Emmys body was smooth and fluid to touch; he ran his hands over her stomach and under her breasts as she danced with her back to his chest. He leaned his head against hers and she stroked his cheek with one long, red fingernail.

"What do you wanna buy, love?" She said, she spoke directly into his ear, but he could hardly hear her over the music.

"Mehodine" He replied.

Emmy stopped dancing as quickly and turned to look at him. "Mehodine?" she asked looking as though she had heard wrong. Her eyes skipped from one person to another around them, checking if anyone else had heard him.

"Ya, is that a problem?" he asked as though it were something odd to not be able to purchase mehodine. The truth was mehodine was one of the rarest and strongest drug in the city. Considered "harder" than Herion and Crystal Meth, more costly than Coke and a better high than all of them mixed together. Of course, the chance of on Mehodine was about 87%.

"N-no, no problem," Emmy purred, pulling him closer and swaying her pelvis against his. She pulled at the top button of his shirt and kiss along his collarbone. He towered over her, even with her high heeled shoes on, so she resorted to standing on her toes.

"When does Angel get off work?" he asked running his hands through her hair. He leaned forward and kissed her cheek then lips, getting into his role.

"Five." Emmy breathed heavily, as his lips parted from hers. She briefly closed her eyes as his left hand roamed over her ass.

3:29 Rave casually checked his watch. The numbers glowed at him, signifying he could enjoy the club for another hour and a half.

"Emmy Albatou..." came a deep voice from the crowd. Emmy froze; her hands squeezed on Rave's sides.

"Are you alright?" Rave asked when he saw her face searching the crowd.

"Baby, how are you?" came the voice again emerging from the dancers. She breathed a sigh of relief when the familiar blonde hair and blue eyes came into view. She grinned when the fully muscled body followed and the male stood besides the two dancing.

Rave laughed at her , "I think I'll get another drink." Emmy nodded to him but added, "Come back in a few minutes and we'll check out the back room."

Rave's mind raced when the temptation and his responsibility to his job collided. This beautiful girl, with her pouting lips and long eyelashes was smiling viciously at him.