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Underground Babylon - Chapter 5

"Live fast, die young" Emmy mumbled as she hooked her bra up and then pulled on a pair of skintight black leather pants over her matching lacy black thong.

"Work hard, play harder." Angel piped up as she came into Emmys room and sat down on the bed.

"All work and no play makes Emmy a dull girl." She replied, her voice low and angry. Angel stared up at her, and enjoyed the view thoroughly. Emmy with her thin body managed to be fiercely muscular, while looking almost unhealthy in her skinniness. As opposed to Angels voluptuous body, and full breasts.

"You'll never be dull, Emms." Angel said, she stood, and put her hands on Emmys shoulders. She leaned over, and kissed her forehead.

Emmy covered Angelís hands with her own, and smiled, her eyes closed. "Thanks. Needed to hear that."

Angel nodded, her silky hair falling over her shoulders in a shinny blonde wave. "I know." And with that, she walked past Emmy and to her room to snatch up her bag, and headed out the door. Emmy glanced back at the back of her friend, and smiled faintly. Angel stopped at the door of the apartment and leaned over to look into the hallway, where Emmy was standing in full view. "He'll never collar a beast like you, Emmy. Even if the papers say he already has, you 'n me baby, we ain't never gonna be tamed."

And then the apartment was empty, save Emmy in her half-naked state.

Downtown Babylon.

The shadows were lengthening behind Angel as she made her way through the streets towards Halycon Park, where she had planned to meet with a new client. The sun was safely beyond the city line, and no harmful rays touched Angelís fair skin as she walked purposefully. People moved out of the way when Angel strode through a crowd, and it was probably a good thing. She felt hot anger in her chest, and she wanted to kill something. She wanted the deal to go down wrong, merely for the opportunity to shed blood.

Turning a corner, Halycon Park came into view, as well as the young man sitting on a bench near the only tree in the entire park. Most of it was twisted metal that was designed to look like shrubbery or trees, or else they were all holograms. He was sitting on the bench hunched over, his large black jacket hiding most of his body and half his face.

Angel cocked her head to the side and stopped besides the building she was walking by. She melted into the shadows of a doorway, and crouched down to watch him for a moment. "I smell bacon,Ē She muttered quietly.

Very quietly, she reached down into her left combat boot and pulled out a 6 inch hunting knife. She didn't have time to feed; she needed it to look like a common murder.

Her black capri'd pants made no sound as she snuck up behind the man sitting on the bench. She could hear him muttering ever so softly to himself. She paused just on the other side of the tree and smelt into the air. Metal... lead... sweat... He was here to arrest her.

He was a tall man, with dark hair and olive skin. He had a fair amount of muscle. She had to do it from behind, and quickly.

Slowly, she snuck up behind him. Sideways, with one foot crossing the other, she stopped 4 inches behind the bench and, struck out. Grabbing his forehead, she pulled his head back against her chest then swiped across his throat with the knife.

As blood flowed out of the wound across his neck, she pushed him forward onto the ground. As he choked out his last breath, she pushed him on to his back and ripped open his jacket. It was there she found the police badge with Sergeant engraved above his name.