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Underground Babylon - Chapter 4

Police Headquarters

"Sir, the rate of crime, prostitution, homicide and dealing of illegal substances has up 3 times in the past ten years," a young man with the word Sergeant across his badge.

"I know," his boss, Lieutenant Jackson, rubbed his tired eyes as he looked over more reports.

"Sir, I had a thought, what if I went in undercover. I could get close to Kenny and nail him, then we could move in on the lycanthropes and test subjects." the Sergeant bargained, brushing his dark, blue dyed hair out of his face.

"I don't know - if they found out who you were we couldn't protect you." his boss was weary at the idea. They had put officers in there before, who had only been slaughtered.

"I am younger than they are and I have been studying these cases for years - "

"Two years." his boss cut him off grinning.

"Ya well, I have been thorough." the officer grinned back, "I know what I would be doing, I know who to watch out for and get close to."

Lieutenant Jackson sighed and leaned back in his chair. He looked over the papers again and looked back up at the patient officer. "Alright Evans, but you be careful, I don't need another dead man on my hands."

The part of Babylon known as the Underground. Anonymous appartment complex.

"Emmy, wake up," Angel shook her friends arm lightly. "Sheheg." Emmy gurgled slightly, her old teddy bear under one arm, a pillow under the other. She was on her side, her bra and boxers exposed a lack of sheets; dreams again Angel decided.

She laughed and sat on Emmy's hip. "Emmmy...oh Emmmmmy.." Angel sang, "There's a 1967 GTO outside."

Suddenly Emmy's eyes flashed open and she attempted to sit up only to find Angel sitting on her.

"WENCH!!" she cried realizing there was no car, and falling back onto her bed. She groaned and tried to roll over bringing Angel with her.

"Come on, time for work," Angel commanded pulling away the pillow and standing up on the modest bed.

"Screw you up the ass" Emmy moaned as she rolled over and buried her face in her arm.

Angel wrinkled her nose, and laughed. "Then I guess I get the shower first, which means all the hot water." And with that, she jumped off the bed and started to skip her way to the bathroom. She was spun around as Emmy dashed past her, intent on not being left with nothing but cold water.

Angel shrieked and chased after, her intentions the same. They both battled their way into the tiny bathroom, and Angel turned on the water first and jumped into the bathtub, clothed in a tank top and pajama pants. She had hoped the fact that they were clothed would dissuade Emmy, but it didnít, and she climbed in after.

The two women bathed together, each washing and rinsing the others hair, but the jovial mood had slowly dissipated until they were quiet and somber. Neither was looking forward to the "work" day ahead.