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Underground Babylon - Chapter 3

When Emmy finally arrived home that morning, she found her friend sorting through white powder and small pills in the back room of their small apartment.

"You need to start sleeping," Emmy grinned as she threw down her bag.

"Why sleep when I don't need to?" Angel asked, "More time for important things."

"It'll give me a chance to watch over you while you sleep," Emmy playfully stuck her tongue out at Angel.

"Thatís weird" Angel laughed and stuck her own tongue out, on both they had pill shaped beads on the end of their barbells, and different colored donuts.

Emmy blinked her large eyes innocently "Only when you wake up and catch me doing it..."

Angel shook her head, and let her hair cover her face. "Thatís just fucking wrong. Go sleep lil girl."

Emmy leaned against the doorframe and crossed her arms, Angel continued to sort through the pills and baggies, occasionally dropping one or two onto a digital scale near her foot. She would furrow her brow, put another baggie on, or take one off. Emmy blew her hair from her eyes, and remembered when they cut it.

She was sitting on the edge of the bathtub, and Angel was kneeling in front of her. "Fuckers" Angel had muttered, over and over again, as Emmy looked up at her through her one good eye. Her face was covered in purple bruises, and her lip was gashed open, blood smeared across her cheek. Angel cut at Emmys hair with a dull kitchen knife, long chunks falling to the floor.

Bringing herself back to reality, Emmy watched Angel continue to weigh her drugs. "Ever wanna move away from this shit-hole?" She asked, her voice as monotone as it usually was.

Angel glanced up at her, but turned back to her baggies, and muttered. "Every day of my life, baby." She flicked a small vile of clear liquid away from her thigh; it landed with a muted thump on the carpet near Emmys foot.

"Why donít you then? Coulda gotten thirty to forty for possession and trafficking last night." Emmy replied, she bent down and picked up the vile, holding it between her thumb and forefinger. She gazed through in the direction of Angels blurred image.

Angel shrugged. "But I didnít."



"Still coulda"

"Didnít. Sides, you can get a few dozen for prostitution, and specially for bein what you are." Angel answered, her voice was slightly muffled because she had her back to Emmy, but there was no malice in it. It was just the truth, no hurt intended.

Emmy tosses the file up in the air, and caught it, she appeared bored, but Angel knew she never was. "Yeah, well, youíve got the option, I donít."

Angel glanced up at Emmy, her startling eyes flashing. "Ya, and Iíve got the option of fucking staying here with you. And Iím gonna. So fucking deal."

They stared at each other for a few moments, and then Emmy smiled slightly. "Bitch"



Angel stilled the urge to break into a grin. "Worrysome old strumpet. Go to bed, silly wolf."

"Kiss my ass, angry rabbit" And with that, Emmy turned around, waved her hand over her shoulder and disappeared down the hall, the vile in her hand.