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Underground Babylon - Chapter 2

The crowds were especially rowdy, every few minutes a fight would break loose, and the security guards would break it up after some blood had been spilled.

"I donít fucking care WHAT he says. I want Lhesz dead, and thatís it." Corbin spoke low and ominously into his cell phone, his back was turned to the people around him, but they did nothing that would have displeased him, even if he had been facing them. Emmy peered through the masses of people, and caught Angels eye momentarily.

Angel was beautiful, with a cynical intelligence; she was nothing but danger to most everyone. Her eyes were the midnight blue people got themselves injected with, except hers were natural. Her skin was pale, a smooth ivory color, and contrasted sharply with her dark red lipstick and short black dress. Strapless, it showed off her lithe body to perfection, it was simple, with a silver dragon snaking its way up the side, and black lace along the bottom and across the breasts.

Corbin continued to speak commands to whoever was on the other side of the phone, his black hair falling forward to shield his face.

The bright lights danced across the sea of bodies, and loud industrial metal music pulsed through the speakers. To the underground world of Babylon, Mavericks was it.

Angel, from her place at the bar, was craving a cigarette. Badly. And as she was just considering taking a break, a loud crash from the other side of the club caught her attention. Black bodies swarmed into the club, and the music abruptly ended. People were screaming and running for the exits. Angel glanced up, and found that Corbin was gone. Emmy was nowhere to be found. She dropped the bottle of gin she was just about to use to mix a patron a drink with, and had the cupboard open in a second. She grabbed her purse from inside, and was crawling inside before anyone had even noticed she'd opened the cupboard door.

Down a thin passageway on a grimy ladder, Angel dropped into pitch-blackness. "Fucking cops,Ē She muttered.