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~*Somiette Fairhaven*~

Age: Over 100 Years Old.
Sex: Female
Race: Elven
Eye Colour: Blue
Hair Color: White Blonde
Height: 5'5
Weight: 120 Lbs.

History: Somiette was born to Reuhaan and Omiquette Omquit'ha. She lived a carefree childhood, though her father had died when she was only six years old. Her mother was a seamstress, and was extreemly popular among the nobels. They were never want for anything, and so Somiette grew to be a beautifull Elfmaiden with a fiery temper, and a gentle disposition.
She grew restless, and after she had moved from her mothers home to her best friend (and lover) Leadynnes, she decided to travel. She has very little magic, so all her life she concentrated on herbal remedies and un-magical healing. She set out on her own, and soon ended up at the Kingfisher Inn in Nordmaar. There she met a half-elf, named Hathaldir Fairhaven.
Somiette and Hathaldir had a short courtship, and were married only a month after they met. They found a small cottage near a creek, and moved in. Hathaldir started a School and Hospital, and Somiette got pregnant. They had a baby boy, named Gabriel, who was 1 month Premature and had all the good things from each of his parents.
They now live in the cottage (named Fairy Haven), and Somiette is hoping for her beloved friend, Leadynne to come live with them also.

Somiette rides a white stallion, named Sohos, and wears a new dress. She enjoys cooking, climbing trees, and laughing.

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