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Thats right, it's PINK.
Why? Because I love my friends.
Pink is a happy, lovie colour.
It is, because I friggin say it is!

Angel - My gurl! my Lil HTML guru! Without my aussie Angelbabe Id just be a quivering mass of... Emmy... Jelly... ness... *blinku* Love you hella lots. An ocean is nothing beetween friends.
Kelly - Wench. Dont poke the Emmyness! I lurve you. Ive lurved you since we were in daipers! And yes, you do need an exorsist, salt wont work.
Crystal - You read this, and I will be SO f'n suprized! But I love you anyways... your my lil Rosiekins!! Yooogie booogie booo!
Mandi - Thanks for always keeping me happy. You never let me get myself down, thanks for always being a ray of sunshine.
Lia - My lil straightjacket-wearin-pink-haired-punk-rawking-best bud. Dont drink and drive, you might spill your beer!!
Robin - Ned Loaf Pincha. Pigeons. Perogies. Shpants. Wash your face. Truckers and Rainy may longs. Need I say more? .friend crazy my Miss
Darryl - My big brotha! You rule, you old man you.
Mey - Yous so cute! Snot tastes sugary once youve snorted pop out your nose... Pink Fluffy Bunny Goddess'ness! Never forget frolicking! I lurve you. Find a nice boy who'll treat you good.
Lisa - Find a nice boy who'll treat YOU good too! Wench.
Rynnikins - Who's my muffinfluff!?! I lurve my muffinfluff! Yes I do! Yes I dos!! Never be unhappy, the Emmyness loves you. One of these days Im going to proove it by jumping on you and tickling you till you pee yourself! Of course then Ill make a funny face and say "ew" But my point will hve been made! I lurve you! Im to sexy! *bow chicka bow bow*
Greg - Hopefully your GIRLFRIEND wont read this. Actually, neither will you because you dont talk to me anymore, but your always in my heart. Even if Im not in yours.
Margo - Bgawk.
Roofus - I must seranade you in the hallways, and then Wall Bash you. Thats right! Its on! GRRR! Rugby style!!
Kelly - Lackey #2 With a Car. Lost but never forgotten, the PG Punx shall be togetha again one day. You will never be rid of us. Bwa ha. Ha.
Justy - My darling Poekins. Struggling friendship we might have, but I still love you like a brother... or something along those lines...
Shawna - I LOVE MY SHAWNA! Tis wondertastic! Man, that crazy guy on crack was funny. "do you think I could get a girlfriend? What am I? a medium?" "yeah,Id say your medium." "cool!" LOL!!!
Mr Reddrakk(What does that mean anyways???) - Goth Porn rules. So does biting, you need to be bit. *bite* You cheer me up when Im lonely, therefore you deserve anouther bite. *bite*
Daniel - Gimme toe!!!! You hurt my friend, I will bite you too! I will!
Flo - You awsome girl you. We must keep in touch.
Brittney - I love weed. Weed loves me. We is weed. Nooo unhappiness! Only love Emmyness! Shpants... hot tubs... icky old man bodies.
Jenny - Crazy times, many men, lots of rain (oddly enough) and years of friendship. Still got that friggin letter, so when you look me up on the Jenny Jones show in 20 years Ill still have it. dont worry, I wont go swimming with it *lol*
Jeff - Wench. I hate you. ... but you give me good lovin... soooooo... guess I love you. But only for the lovin. You bastard.
Cat... and all the other Cat's or Kat's in my life - I hate you all for having the same friggin name. But I love you. My freakishly skinny Cat, my bigger..... erm... ya, Cat. My Kat with the cuncussion ect. Love you all.

"Theres more to life than being really, really good looking."