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Sun coast Video

11/25/03 - I've added a guestbook. Sign the guestbook and let us know what you think of this site. Or simply email me. Click here to email me

11/24/03 - I've updated the site with a new layout. The previous layout was just a template. I thought I would design my own layout because it is MY site, and not just take someone elses work. Well, here it is, enjoy. I'm still working on a couple sections though so be patient.

11/16/03 - Still not done. I'm not doing as much still but it might be awhile before this site is completely done. In the meanwhile check out our FoRums

11/6/03 - I havent been working on the site much but it is almost finished. Should be completely done in about a week.

10/16/03 - The site is currently under construction.