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I hide only to defy you Take away the only love inside you I see the face through everyone Inside I've just begun! You think I'm out to scare you I'm only out to prepare you for when you stop and turn around Your body's going down!

You're gonna waste your time, Your life will soon be mine, You're definitely one of a kind, and You're suffering 'cause of me, it's divine

Tell me why you never liked me Tell me wht it is you fight me (Tell me why, so you'll fight me) Pull down and wait for the perfect time to take what is rightfully mine

You think they're dumb to defy me You said you don't want to defy me -You wait, to dumb run anyone (. . .you don't want anyone) Oh well. . .

You know what, Fuck you! I'm fed up with you! I'm not as good as you?! Fuck no! I'm better than you!

Did you really think you'd beat me at my own game?! You try to see what you got Me ripping at your brain!