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life is within my body four clicks. . . alright go *click* *click* *click* four I just said, you faggot piece of shit on the ground ahh! four? four. four? *click* *click* *click* Noooo!

Oh, hey, what are you talking about Ross? Hey, the song's on! (hey Ton Ton) . . . Ern! . . . Ern! . . . Ern! . . . hey, are you saying so there's no clicks hey, we're recording, now start Just fucking do it damn it! *click* *click*

I wanna get a twist. I wish we could put twist on a fucking tape. . . stupid Wanna hear it? Fuck you! Fuck you! Huh Hueh Goooo! Okay. . . you piece of shit!

Anger inside builds within my body Why'd you hit me? What have I done? You tried to hit me!

-Do you want me to begin, if you like (The pain will begin) ( Your pain will begin) Throw your hate at me with all your might Hit me 'cause I'm strange, hit me! You tell me I'm a pussy and you're harder then me What's with you boy? Think hard. A tatooed body to hide who you are Scared to ne honest, be yourself A cowardly man!

don't run around trying to be what's not within me Look into my eyes, I am free You're just a wanna-be To come out Hit me because I'm not from your town, now hit me clown Clown you ain't shit. Turn around and get your face split.

I'm just too fucking little! [3x] I'm just a fucking mental! [4x]