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We made up new names for everyone so that your parents wouldn't get mad at us and there wouldn't be any freaky people trying to contact you. If you want to know who's who, e-mail or im Freaki, but only if I have physically see you before.

"The monkeys in the vents are taking over the world school by school!!!" -Won Kon Fin (mnkyboy)

"Dude!!! Totally!!!" -Freaka and Freaki


"Don't take it too seriously, your only in 8TH GRADE!!!!!!!!!!!!!" -Kris

"Girl Power!" -Kiil

"How to keep a teacher busy." -Kaly

"And all over town it was well understood that I was knocking them out like Johnny B. Good." -Freaka and Freaki


"I'm not eavesdropping, I'm part of the conversation." -Freaka and Freaki

"Say Barbara Walters without laughing." -Juin

"Say Martha Stewart without laughing." -Juin

"Bob and George 4ever!" -Sharri

"It's a big world!" -Dan and Freaka

"Gotcha!" -Freaka

"The wolf ate the cow and the cow said moo." -Freaka

"I'm gonna burp!" "Everyone stand back(from the window)" **shatter shatter** -Freaka and Dan

"Old Dan Ducky came to the city. Riding a turtle eating a chicky. The chicky got out and the turtle burped. Dan flew off and landed in the dirt so get out the way Old Dan Ducky. Get out the way, Old Dan Ducky. Get out the way, Old Dan Ducky you're too late to get your sluggy.

Old Dan Ducky was a mighty man. Swam around in a frying pan. Got put in a can like all fried up but he wasn't too sad cuz he threw up so get out the way, Old Dan Ducky. Get out the way, Old Dan ducky. Get out the way, Old Dan Ducky. You're too late to get your sluggy." -Dan, Freaka, and Freaki

"K memories, o crap= Keli's Mom" -Mas and Spaz

"And the winner of the Miss Kyle Roth Pageant is _____!!! Congratulations ________!" -Freaka

"! Slug! Slug! Slug!" -OPI

"It's all good." -Freaka and Freaki

"We'll be back to the show after these commercials: We'd like to thank the crusher corporation, The Keli and Dani corporation, and Popular dude and co." -Freaka

"Freaks these dayz." -Freaka

"Si si o teacher. Come out and teach me. Come teach your pupils three. Climb up my apple tree. Slide down my homework pile. Into the portable door. And we'll be sorcerers three. Forever more, more SHUT THE DOOR!!!" -Dan, Freaka, and Freaki

"All the cats and the chicks gonna get their kicks at the hop." -Freaka and Freaki

"I'm a boomoo." "Ya? Well I'm the wolf!!!" -Freaka and Freaki

"I'm a toytle." -Dan

"Freaki- hope your summers like toilet paper long and useful." -Evn

"Freaki you've been punk'd!" "U suck!" -Ax and Freaki

"Can you add another quote of me to your 'Quote List'?" -Ax

"NO! Not that one! lol" -Ax when he found out I put the quote of him asking Freaki to put a quote of his on here

"Quit it Freaki!" -Ax when he found about the quote Freaki put on this site from him

"Put anotehr one on there. another*" -Al

"Tell her to put a quote of emto (me too)." - from Kiil to Ax

"freekydeekydudes talking in the third person." -freekydeekydude "Freaki and Freaka freekydeekydude says pleeeeeeeeeez put a quote of brett in the website u made." -freekydeekydude

ICY frozen dead ppl! ICY frozen dead ppl! Someone turn on the FURNACE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

NEWSFLASH!!!!!!! Some ICY frozen dead ppl melted yesterday in Phoenix, Arizona. They had just come out of a company with a large freezer that had become bankrupt. TERMINATOR3 SUCKS & Co. has now taken over the old buisness, and will take in any other ICY frozen dead ppl.

The I JUST WANT TO column, by Ax

The freeky deeky dude says gimme a break column, by freekydeekydude

The FREAKS ONLY column, by Freaki

If you would like to work on this website, email freaki, or the company address.


Freaki-Editor, publisher, columnist

Viperguy- website edior

Iceman-article editor



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