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The trip all began early hours of 23rd November when most of you guys were either recovering from the night before or still partying on. I stayed up the whole night and was more than half dead when we headed for the airport.
Below is a timeline of my trip:

23rd November, 2002:
10am - flight began its way to Honolulu, which then arrived at Honolulu at 11.30pm 22nd November, guess it was a time machine that I boarded!
3.15pm - flight from Honolulu arrived at Toronto's Pearson International Airport, it was bloody 2°C when we got there!

24th November, 2002
Went to 'downtown' Toronto, they don't call it City, downtown's the term they use. Visited CN Tower, the tallest free-standing structure in the world

26th November, 2002
Square One Mall, the biggest shopping centre in Missisauga. Missisauga is kinda like Parramatta for us, a regional centre away from the heart of the city

27th November, 2002
Downtown Toronto, I caught a Greyhound to Ottawa, the capital of Canada, to visit my cousin Angie who goes to uni there. On the way the bus stopped at The Log Cabin Restaurant, Actinolite, where I met a man who thought Sydney was a city of 300 000! Got to Ottawa and it was -12°C!

28th November, 2002
Angie's bday, went to a restaurant called Tucker's Marketplace, had a lot of fun, had some margarita, and had a shot of tequila when we got back to residence at the uni, they were good stuff! Began to snow, and had a minor snowball fight when we were waiting to cross the road

29th November, 2002
Went to a psychology lecture but the lecturer didn't bother to show up! Visited Parliament Hill, snowed quite heavily. At night we saw a uni basketball game then went to a casino, Casino de Hull. While there I put in $5 in the pokies and lost $4.75! Although a friend did win $40 that night at the tables, later he bought us beavertails, a piece of fried dough with cinnamon on it, that was quite nice

30th November, 2002
Saw a ice hockey game, and another basketball game

1st December, 2002
The coldest day while I was there, -18°C! Went back to Toronto and it was -4°C, much nicer there

2nd December, 2002
A very cold day and for some reason we decided to go to Niagara Falls. It was -15°C, snowing very heavily and windy, with wind chill, it was -25°C! For a long time I couldn't feel my fingers or toes! The weather was so bad that they didn't bother putting a man in the parking gate to collect the parking fee, saved us $10!

3rd December, 2002
Went and saw Die Another Day, the best Bond movie I've seen

4th December, 2002
Stayed home most of the day, but went to have bubble tea at a place called Bubble Republic at midnight though!

5th December, 2002
Have you heard of Krispy Kreme? It's a donut place that started in the US and recently moved into Canada, people were so crazy that when it first opened they lined up for 4 hours for donuts! The craze was over when we were there, they're quite nice, a girl who worked there was quite nice too! She was packing the donuts into boxes

7th December, 2002
Joined a tour and made our way to USA via the Rainbow Bridge at Niagara Falls
That night we stayed at Boston

8th December, 2002
Probably the more eventful day of the whole trip. We visited Harvard and MIT before making our way to New York City.
While at NYC we visited the USS Intrepid, which has been turned into a Sea, Air & Space Museum, Wall St, drove past Ground Zero, no cars allowed to stop there, a cruise along the Hudson River, where we were able to see the Statue of Liberty and the New York skyline. At night we were dropped off at Rockerfeller Center and had free time. NEVER SEEN SO MANY PEOPLE IN MY LIFE! We walked to Times Square,past some of the most expensive stores in the world at 5th Avenue, lots of street venders selling September 11th memorabilia as well as fake watches, etc. We were picked up on 47th Street for dinner in New Jersey, on a trip that was supposed to take 15 minutes, in the end, it took us an hour and a half!

9th December, 2002
Very very cold morning, shivering on the bus on our way to Washington DC. Visited various museums including the National Air, Space Museum and the Museum of Natural History. All museums at Washington are free to enter, but the security checks are annoying. We also visited 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, better known as the White House, Capitol Hill, and the Jefferson and Lincoln Memorials.

10th December, 2002
Spent the whole day on the bus back to Toronto, the scenery was quite nice

12th December, 2002
Caught the bus and subway towards downtown Toronto, and ended up at North York. Met up with a friend of dad's and he showed us around the area, nothing spectacular

14th December, 2002
Joined another tour, and this time it was to Ottawa, Montreal and Quebec City. While at Ottawa, we visited Parliament Hill (again), Museum of Civilisation and the Royal Mint of Canada. Arrived at Montreal at night and stayed at the Le Centre Sheraton, had a nice view from the room

15th December, 2002
City tour of Montreal, including a church called St Joseph Du Mont Royal, Notre Dame, Parc Olympic, and Biodome, an indoor zoo with many different climate rooms. Made our way to Quebec City, had a French dinner and walked around in the cold!

16th December, 2002
On our way back to Toronto, drove past a place called Thousand Islands, the city of Kingston, which was once the capital of Canada, as well as driving past Napanee (that's where Avril Lavigne's from!!)

18th December, 2002
Decided to go skiing at a place called Horseshoe Valley. The weather was great and had lots of fun! There was little people too 'cause it was a Wednesday

20th December, 2002
Downtown Toronto, visited City Hall and Nathan Philip Square, where there's a ice skating rink

21st December, 2002
A town called Niagara On The Lake. A small town close to Niagara Falls full of little weird stores you wouldn't find anywhere else! Had an early Christmas dinner with family

22nd December, 2002
Last day of the trip, went to the airport, said goodbye, and home was where I was headed!

23rd December, 2002
Didn't really have one, it was only about 2 hours long for me!

24th December, 2002
Good to be home!