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MUWAHA! A section fully dedicated to ME! Now you get to see how I go about my day here behind the keyboard! This is were I will show you what I do thruout my day. As you can see that me on the left imitateing our nerdy friend, Clay! Having glasses give me the right to use the middle finger with great skill and dexterity! So without further ado, The Life Adventure of Zenoah Zero!

It's about 10:30AM and I groggily await for the comp to warm up, of course Im the one that needs to get warmed up. My schedual for after I wake up is

1. Get Dressed: I can't stand being in my PJ's if the clocks first two numbers are double digets.
2. Turn on the comp: I find it more important to do that than go pee.
3. Turn on AOL: Gotta see how many people are on the hit list eerrr I mean chat list.
4. Turn on Sonic Stage: I gotta have tunes when surfing the net.
5. Check mail, Live Journal and Chat Room: Gotta see if the fans are out and about.
6. Eat: The most important meal of the day is brunch!
With that all done and over with. I'll spend the rest of my sorry day right there.

Even when I read I stay at the comp. You gatta keep up your reading skills if you wanna stay smart...even if I can't read what the book is saying ^^; But thats pretty much me. I do hope one day to be a voice actor thou. I try to practice with clips and add my voice but that, at times, requiers two people. I have here a few of my voice clips and a clip with my voice attached to it (which isn't that good ^^;) But nonetheless i keep trying. I hope you had a fun time experienceing the wonders that is me. Down below are links to some other digi came photos and my attempts at voice acting, and some of the voices im well known for!

Watch as I tried to VA for Suguru from Gravitation